Who Oversees Assisted Living Facilities?

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senior assistanceLast February, the New York Times published the results of a two-year study of assisted living facilities requested by a bipartisan group of four senators. That report took a detailed look at the role of assisted living in the Medicaid system. The conclusion was that the federal government spends billions of dollars on this program but has virtually no information about the quality of care that is delivered.
The report titled, “Improved Federal Oversight of Beneficiary Health and Welfare” pointed out that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services shares oversight responsibility with the states. That responsibility includes protecting residents in senior assisted living facilities, but there is no clear guidance about reporting and correcting care deficiencies.
Most operators of senior assisted living facilities and memory care living facilities are hard working professionals, providing high-quality care for their residents. Unfortunately, senior assisted living facilities and memory care living facilities are not immune to occasional cases of neglect or abuse. (See “Adult Care Home and Assisted Living Facility Fraud and Abuse” in the Ourseniors.net archives).
Each state has its own regulatory system for overseeing senior assisted living facilities and memory care facilities. In Florida, this function is the responsibility of the Agency for Health Care Administration. “AHCA” has licensing and regulation authority over Florida’s senior assisted living and memory care living facilities and nursing homes. This is the agency that investigates any report of elder abuse or neglect. OurSeniors.net has a long history and deep roots in the fields of senior living resources, senior assisted living and memory care living.
Helping seniors and their families locate the best possible senior lifestyle has always been one of OurSeniors.net’s core missions. We are acutely aware of the frauds and abuses that sometimes affect our seniors. That is the reason that we have developed our unique Approved Vendor Directory and the Senior Transition Pro Team. Each member of the Pro Team is vetted by us and every participant in the Approved Vendor Directory program subscribes to our Approved Vendor Code of Ethics. Two members of the Pro Team, Wendy A. Mara, Attorney  and Robert Abraham, Attorney are board certified in Elder Law. If you suspect that you, a loved one or a family member has been the victim of abuse, these professionals can advise you on the laws that concern this.
Other members of the OurSeniors.net family are directly or indirectly involved in senior lifestyle, senior living, senior assisted living and memory care living services. Blossoms Workforce Academy, LLC supports healthcare and general businesses to develop a confident, capable and competent workforce. Grace Manor Assisted Living  and  Market Street Memory Care Residences are directly involved in senior assisted living and memory care living.  These fine organizations are pledged to uphold the high standards of the OurSeniors.net Approved Vendor program.
If the report quoted above is to be believed, the federal government and the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is falling down on its duty to protect seniors. We are fortunate in the state of Florida to have a very professional agency looking out for the residents of senior assisted living facilities and memory care living facilities. Beyond that, OurSeniors.net strives to be your all-things-senior resource for professional services, products and service providers who want to serve the senior market.
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