A testimonial about Fitworks Perfect Posture


Fitworks Perfect Posture works to correct years of damage in a natural and methodical way.  After seeing more than 5,000 clients, Gary Rumel has perfected the art of correcting musculoskeletal imbalances. With just one evaluation, he can determine where someone is affected and create a plan to fix the issue. He has seen golfers play better and help people get back to biking and running. Clients have seen a noticeable improvement after six to eight sessions with problems being completely fixed for some people.
A recent testimonial from our friend, Scott K states…
“The initial consultation was great. Gary described the opportunities with my posture and how he would put together an exercise plan. The plan would entail working on positioning joints and then strengthening specific muscle groups to hold them in place. During each session, Gary explains and demonstrates the exercise or stretch we are doing. Always explaining in detail what muscle we are working on and why. After the first session, I was out of pain.”
You can call Fitworks  Perfect Posture for a free virtual evaluation at 407-408-7588. For more information visit, https://www.ourseniors.net/health_wellness/florida/debary/gym/fitworks-perfect-posture/.

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