Amazing Seniors – John and Sue Natoli

Amazing Senior - John and Sue Natoli Magazine has featured some truly “Amazing Seniors” in every one of its editions. Those great people have included men like Tom Yarbrough, an “eighty-something-” year old youngster who has retired from two careers and now rides around Daytona on his new Indian Motorcycle, and women like Barbara Anderson and Phyllis Lozeau, seniors who have had varied callings in their work and family lives, and still continue to be amazing in their Golden Years. This edition of Magazine features a dynamic duo of Amazing Seniors, John and Sue Natoli. The Natoli’s have a truly storied past in music and show business as performers, producers, entertainers and entrepreneurs, including working for decades with some of the top acts in show business. They’ve performed with Engelbert Humperdinck, Al Martino, Tony Bennett, Jay Leno, Billy Crystal and others. They have appeared in famous showplaces like Madison Square Garden, the Sahara Hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, Caesar’s Palace and the Playboy Club. These Amazing Seniors have a rich background in the music that seniors know, love and remember. They spent years as regulars in first-class venues, working with bands and vocal groups, several of which they organized. Susan is a great singer and John has a talent for arranging and producing music. He was a member of the house band for Waldorf Astoria for five years, performing every Friday and Saturday. This creative, wonderful life went on for decades, as they produced and performed over 4,000 shows throughout the world. When they decided to retire and move to Florida, they chose the central Florida community of Winter Garden, a growing suburb of Orlando. Many retired couples would be content to simply enjoy Florida’s happy senior lifestyle, but the Natoli’s are Amazing Seniors—they are always thinking of the future. And what a future it has turned out to be! John did some work at places like the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, the Rosen Plaza and the Tupperware Convention Center, and then a two-year production stint at the Mount Dora Community Center. Then they decided on a really big leap, a new enterprise for the Natolis and a boon to seniors. That enterprise took shape in early 2017 when they purchased a Winter Garden event hall and began its transformation into a supper club and entertainment venue. John immediately recognized the potential of their new location. Located on Highway 50 near the Central Florida Expressway and the Florida Turnpike, this establishment was just a few miles from downtown Orlando, I-Drive and Walt Disney World. It was the perfect geography, but now John and Sue Natoli had to develop their dream, which they would call “Showcase WG,” a true entertainment showcase for Winter Garden. They got right to work, refurbishing the facility with crystal chandeliers, upgrading the kitchen and bar area, putting in a $50,000 sound system and reworking the stage. John’s intent was to create a facility that was not merely a fantastic setting for weddings and other events, but to fashion a home for Broadway-caliber shows by Just Us Orlando Productions, the Natoli’s own production company. He wanted to bring back the “Rainbow Room” and “Copacabana” type of entertainment that will be so familiar to our seniors. Now, the couple have Showcase WG, a beautifully decorated facility with the best in lighting and sound systems and a large dance floor. It truly brings “Affordable Elegance” and world class performers to the metro Orlando area. John is especially proud of applying his digital music talents to Showcase WG. He has been in the digital music business for more than 20 years and states, “There are maybe 200 people in this country who can do what I do. The Dynamic Duo Part 2With digital music, it sounds like 60 people, but there are just three!” He can take all the parts of an orchestra and electronically put them together, creating the sound of a room full of musicians. If the audience wants Big Band, John and his digital magic can make it happen. If they want “oldies,” he can bring the sixties back to life (he had years of experience with Dick Clark Productions). Do you want a Last Tango? It’s no problem. The Showcase WG is a treasure for all of Florida’s seniors, so check it out at Besides the regular dining and dancing, you will see coming events like tributes to past greats, such as the Beatles and Elvis, and the Showcase WG Cirque-E-Musica. salutes John and Sue Natoli for their look-tothe-future attitude. They are an inspiration to us all, showing us how to stay young and involved in life, doing the things we love. That is what hopes to do for all seniors: help them always look to the future, keeping that “can do” outlook. Want to visit Showcase WG? Give them a call at 407-598-8014. Our senior living magazine, Magazine and the organization exist to serve the needs of seniors in all areas. That includes the world of opportunities open to seniors, as well as the challenges like finding in home senior care, senior assisted living, senior home care or active senior communities. You can contact by clicking on the link, or view an online version of our senior living magazine, Magazine. As always, you may contact our office and professional staff by phoning at 866-333-2657 or by using our Contact Page.