Majestic Gardens provides a High-quality Living Experience

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Majestic Gardens is a 16-bed assisted living facility under the supervision of a medical doctor, Dr. Regina Asihene, who is also the president of the facility. Her mission is to provide residents with a unique living experience tailored to his or her specific needs whether it be specialized, long-term care or a short-term solution. Staff members, some of which are trained nurses, are available at any hour and all the residents’ daily tasks such as laundry and housekeeping are taken care of. Health services like lab tests and physical exams are provided on-site making it a convenient choice for those who need constant medical attention.
Residents living at Majestic Gardens do not need to worry about anything other than staying healthy, active, and social. Using a holistic point of view, the staff works to provide a high level of excellence by prioritizing not just health, but happiness and quality of life. Staff members are experienced in setting up entertainment activities such as cooking classes, yoga, dance classes and much more. Life enrichment is woven into the facility’s daily offerings making it a natural part of living there.
If you or a loved one are considering moving to an assisted living facility, Majestic Gardens is an ideal choice for its convenience, attention to care and quality of life. For more information, call 386-243-9993 or visit their profile here:

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