An Event To Save: Long Drive Exhibition with Tim Burke

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As a senior living magazine, we like to showcase events that would appeal to not only Our Seniors but those that are involved in their lives. There are many events coming up over the seasons and we’re here to tell you about one that you might want to mark your calendars for. Do you love watching, or playing golf? Do you love watching other people excel at the sport? Then you’ll want to save the date for the Long Drive Exhibition with Tim Burke.
This event is sure to be a ton of fun for golfers and enthusiasts alike. Watch as Burke brings the games that made him a long-drive champion. There will also be numerous other exhibitors displaying their skills. So, mark your calendars and get ready for a great time, we’re going to give you a quick overview of what to know, and what to expect.

Who Is Tim Burke?

Time Burke is a professional Long Drive Golfer. He was born in Marietta, GA, but he was raised in Orlando Florida. He is currently ranked #2 in the world with his longest drive competition reaching 474 years. If that wasn’t impressive enough, his ball speed comes in at 228 MPH and the speed he puts into his swing is 156 MPH. There’s no wonder why golfers around the world enjoy watching him play the game.

How Did He Become A Long Drive Champion?

While his athleticism, dedication, and strength got him to the point where he needed to be to start his journey on becoming the champion he is today, he also took other steps to reach this goal. Burke didn’t just become a champion overnight. It took him years of dedication and practice to get to where he is today. His record is 469 yards which by the way is more than the length of 4 football fields. To get to that level of output within a swing he had to train his mind, body, and trust in himself. You can expect that Burke puts emphasis on his health and his fitness.
While exercising five times a week and multiple forms of working out and his trainer, he set out to break the records that he has including getting top honors in Dubai during the Long Drive World Series. His dedication followed him throughout his career and he continues to show it with every swing.

What Is The Long Drive Exhibition?

As we mentioned earlier, the Long Drive Exhibition is an event designed to showcase the skills of qualified golfers. Tim Burke often participates in long drive exhibitions, charity events, and even corporate golf events. However, this year, he will be participating in the Long Drive Exhibition on the opening night of the National Championship Weekend in Orlando, FL on October 14, 2022. Spectators will have the opportunity to see some of the best long drive techniques in the sport. In addition to watching the games, there will be multiple ways for qualified golfers to get involved and enjoy the sport at its best.

Why Is The Long Drive Exhibition Important?

The Long Drive Exhibition is important because it provides an opportunity for golfers and enthusiasts to learn more about the sport and to get in touch with why they enjoy it. This event could also be a great opportunity to experience some of the best techniques in the sport, close-up. With a champion participant that has won the World Long Drive Champion, twice, along with a string of other accomplishments, those curious or passionate about golf can witness a role model within the sport. If you’re interested in learning more about long drive golf or just want to have a good time, then make sure to save the date for the Long Drive Exhibition with Tim Burke.¬†
As a senior lifestyle magazine in Florida, we want to bring Florida-based activities to our community. We hope that you’ll mark your calendars and check out this exciting event!