Are You Prepared to Be a Caregiver?

Approved Services & Vendors

Approved Services & VendorsMost people do not consider that question until the time comes when they are called on to take up this duty. Almost everyone will either need a caregiver or be a caregiver at some time. The AARP estimates that 65 million people in the U.S. provide some form of care for an ill, aging or disabled person.
You can start now to research the resources and alternatives available in your community.  Do not forget to use the full range of resources here at, the Senior Transition Pro Team and our network of vetted, approved businesses, professionals and vendors in the Directory of Approved Vendors. They are all dependable, senior-friendly professionals and service providers on whom you can count. They all carry the seal of approval.
Remember to look for this seal when you look for in-home senior care or any of these professionals:

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