Have armchair, will travel

Can Seniors travel to worlds unknown, to places they have only dreamed of visiting, to those places that beg a second visit? Is this reality or impossibility?
As we age thoughts about travel change. No longer ready to go at the drop of a hat, grab a few things and hop in the car, seniors first need to consider medications and walkers, hand holds in the showers and on, and on. But there is still a way to travel at the drop of a hat, or, rather, with a click of a computer key or a press on the television remote button.
Today’s seniors have travel opportunities brought to them through the innovation of the internet. Yes, the library has videos to loan, but televisions and computers with internet access are connections to countless free videos on websites like YouTube. The availability is ‘always-on’ and there are no return requirements. If traveling by internet is a possibility, then it is realistic to travel to worlds unknown, to places that have always been just out of reach, and to those places that scream for a second visit.

Tools for the Armchair Traveler

Senior using a tabletArmchair travel via internet requires a laptop, tablet or smartphone for best viewing and an internet connection. These tools unlock the road map, the internet, and its many travel destinations. For geographic destinations YouTube holds a treasure of videos on diverse locations. For nature lovers, there is the National Geographic site that features many short ‘hops’ on animals, insects, and more.
The first step in arranging a trip will be learning how to read the ‘map’. How to begin? Computers and television remotes are not inherently user-friendly. They are, however, the starting point and learning to use them is a prerequisite to traveling. For those who are unfamiliar with these tools perhaps there is a savvy friend, family member, or health care provider who can offer assistance. Once past the starting point there are two ‘routes’ to choose from.

  1. Have that savvy helper mark the destinations on the map, say videos on YouTube. Next, learn how to use them and let the trips begin.
  2. For Seniors who have conquered the learning curve and are already in the driver’s seat, fire up the engine and navigate to the destination of choice.

Make It So

For armchair travelers, there is never any need to worry about packing, weather, directions, where the next bathroom is, or how much money you are spending. Choose to travel solo or plan group outings. Get settled and sit back with a favorite beverage and push play. Do not forget to take those pit stops drivers are encouraged to take every two hours to stretch their legs and exercise their muscles. This is just as important to armchair travelers and should be part of the travel plan. A video can be stopped and started as often as desired, so no excuses are allowed here.
It’s a good idea to keep a travelogue and make notes of where you have traveled, the destination ‘address’ (aka the internet URL address) for return trips, what you found most interesting and what you learned. While you’re cruising the internet look for other travel destinations and keep a list of ideas for future trips as they pop up. Here are a few destinations to consider, widely known websites that may have just the video that fits your travel plans:

Whether you are a senior or you have senior loved ones, consider travel by armchair through the world of opportunities offered by the Internet. No reservations needed, and it’s by far the safest way to travel.

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  1. Dale Yount says:

    Since I am a senior this article is interesting and full of worthwhile information. We loved to travel but being retired on a limited income prevents traveling a lot. This article gives me even better ideas about arm chair traveling…thanks!

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