Balance and flexibility are A Great Tool for Every Golfer

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The average golfer will roll up to the course just before tee time. Hit some golf balls. Play 18 holes. And then is perplexed they feel tight during and after the round.
Does this routine sound familiar?
If you’re like most golfers, you probably know how important flexibility is to the swing. Even tour players from Adam Scott to Tiger Woods have pre-round stretching routines to get their bodies ready to play.
It’s not just your flexibility but also your posture that makes a difference. Posture is how your body is balanced from left to right, anterior and posterior. In all great machines for perfect performance, you must keep the machine balanced. The same goes for your body!
If you weren’t born with fantastic flexibility or happen to be a weekend warrior who sits from 9-5 every day, you probably could use an exercise and stretch routine to help you improve your flexibility both before a round and on a regular basis.
Enter Fitworks Perfect Posture® Natural Pain Solutions, a personalized program designed to help you balance your body, build your core, and improve your flexibility, which in turn will help your golf swing.
To set you on the right path, Fitworks Perfect Posture® customizes a routine specifically for golfers that’ll correct your posture, so your handicap goes down and you hit the ball 35 yards farther!
A compact, powerful swing is defined by the x-factor—or the relationship of shoulder to hip rotation. “The shoulders should turn at a 90-degree angle over the hips, which should turn 45 degrees—that’s the x-factor,” says Katherine Roberts, certified golf performance coach.
Stiff shoulders, tight hips, and stubborn hamstrings do little in helping you achieve this ideal swing. What’s more, a lack of flexibility can also limit your distance off the tee. “Power is a byproduct of flexibility,” says Roberts.
We have found that daily stretching along with specific resistance exercises 2 to three times a week will increase flexibility as well as end pain and discomfort in as little as four weeks, depending on individual health and ability. But getting results requires commitment.
If every joint in your body was in the proper position you would have no tight or sore muscles in your body anywhere! The only reason why you have stiff and sore muscles is because your body is compensating for an imbalance.
“By building and stretching specific muscle groups the joints line up gradually for perfect posture. A balanced body over time…all done naturally!”
Mike Davis played golf every single day. In his golf swing, he overdeveloped the muscles on the left side of his back which pulled his spine to the left. The right side of the vertebrae was so close together that eventually he ended up with five herniated discs in his lumbar spine which restricted the sciatic nerve down the right side of his leg.
The doctors wanted him to stop playing golf and have titanium pins put in his spine. Before he had the surgery His golf buddies told him to go to see Gary, “The Secret Weapon” at Fitworks Perfect Posture. Mike thought they were crazy! He was put on a waiting list for surgery, so he reluctantly went to see Gary.
Gary designed an exercise program to line up all the joints of his body and straighten his spine. In his very first session, his sciatic nerve pain went away! He asked Gary, “What did you just do?”
“I’m building the muscle to line up the joints into their proper position and the vertebrae moved to the right just enough that it stopped restricting the nerve. It won’t hold for long and you will feel pain again but keep doing these exercises and stretches and soon the muscles will be strong enough to hold the vertebrae in place all day and you will permanently be pain-free.”
After 12 sessions, Mike canceled his surgery and went back to playing golf pain-free!  His handicap dropped to a +2 and he hit the ball at least 35 yards farther!
Age doesn’t matter, either! We have helped golfers of all ages get their game back!
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