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Seniors independent living refers to a living arrangement designed for older adults who are capable of managing their daily activities and desire a sense of autonomy and freedom. It typically involves residing in a private or shared apartment, cottage, or house within a community that offers amenities and services tailored to older adults’ needs. These communities often provide maintenance and housekeeping services, transportation assistance, social activities, and opportunities for engaging with peers. Seniors residing in independent living settings enjoy the benefits of a supportive environment while maintaining their independence and personal freedom.

The Programs Available to Florida Seniors Programs Available to Florida Seniors

Seniors in Florida now have an extended opportunity to take advantage of a valuable program aimed at enhancing their home environments and it’s not something that you want to overlook. The Enhanced Home Care for the Elderly program, if you haven’t heard about it, offers financial assistance of up to $6,000 for qualifying seniors to make necessary […]

Brace Yourself….Produce Shortages (and More) Could Be on the Way Yourself....Produce Shortages (and More) Could Be on the Way

Is 2023 going to present seniors with more difficulty, specifically at the grocery store? In recent years, shopping for everyday essentials has become a bit more difficult and a lot of that is due to COVID-19. We’ve endured toilet paper shortages and struggled to find shelf-stable foods and even baby formula. We’ve also witnessed prices […]

Self-Driving Cars: Legal in Florida and an Advantage for Seniors? Cars: Legal in Florida and an Advantage for Seniors?

Seniors…have you been paying attention to advancements in technology that could directly benefit you? If not, you’re going to want to learn a little bit more about one advancement that may sound slightly impossible. Self-driving cars as of 2016, were legalized in Florida but not too many people know this. Have you seen cars driving […]

Appreciation for Older Americans Doesn’t Have to Stop After May

Seniors Enjoyment Slider

As May comes to a close, we are saying goodbye to Older Americans Month (OAM), or at least until it comes around next May. The thing is though, just because this time of recognition is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean that it has to come to a stop. Showing our appreciation for seniors […]

Aging in Place: Why Most Seniors Want This and How to Make It More Possible in Place: Why Most Seniors Want This and How to Make It More Possible

Aging is natural and it’s something that everyone faces as each day passes and what most people want when it comes to growing older is to have the option to age in place…to age in their home…without skipping a beat in what they like to do day-to-day, and without sacrificing their independence. At least 90% […]