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Aging In Place: How to Live Independently and Comfortably in Current Times In Place: How to Live Independently and Comfortably in Current Times

As seniors and retirees get older, many prefer to remain in the homes and communities they are familiar with instead of relocating to a new location. People benefit mentally, emotionally, and physically from staying at places they are familiar with because it makes them feel safe, independent, and comfortable. According to a report by the […]

Tips to Fix or Speed Up Your Computer At No Cost to Fix or Speed Up Your Computer At No Cost

Technology can be extremely frustrating. It seems there is a new and flashy application, software, or hardware every month, leaving us all to believe that we are working with antique toys. But this isn’t the case. While technology does advance each year, most of the time the tools we have are more than adequate for […]

Staying Safe for Seniors: Home, Travel, and Self Defense Safe for Seniors: Home, Travel, and Self Defense

Did you know that every year around 300,000 seniors are hospitalized due to hip fractures? There are at least 32,000 deaths that occur from older adults falling. Not only that, older adults are more susceptible to other things like armed robbery and aggravated assault.  While this is the unfortunate truth, when seniors have a better idea […]

What to ask before considering aging in place

The term, “Aging in Place,” has become a popular catchphrase for modern seniors. However, its meaning may vary widely, depending on who is using the term and for what purpose. A government agency defines aging in place as, “the ability to live in one’s own home and community independently, regardless of age, income, or ability […]

Are you still driving? Here are a few things to consider


Most of today’s seniors have had a life-long relationship with automobiles. As teenagers, our “wheels” were a status symbol and the key to a freedom we had never had as children. Suddenly, we could go somewhere without Mom or Dad!  For many of us, getting a driver’s license was more memorable than any birthday or […]

What if you don’t want to live in a senior community?

woman in independent living

If you asked a room full of 40 adults between the ages of 30 and 60, “Hands up if you want to be forced to move out of your home and go live with strangers,” it would be amazing if anyone raised their hand. Almost no one wants this, yet this is exactly the solution […]

Boomers’ Independent Lifestyles Inspire Proliferation of New Products and Services

The trend for Seniors to “Stay in Place” brings with it a proliferation of products and services directed specifically to aging Boomers. Boomers who prefer to maintain an independent lifestyle as long as possible, choose to remain in their homes or relocate to retirement or 55+ communities. A direct result of this trend is a niche […]