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Seniors and Elder Law

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Florida is fortunate (and proud) to be home to the largest concentration of seniors of any state in the nation. Residents of many other states have chosen to spend their senior living years right here in the “Sunshine State,” and they are a blessing to our communities. Our state has responded by providing numerous resources […]

Elder Law

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Elder Law is a specialty in the legal profession, just as geriatrics is in medical practice. Elder Law attorneys specialize in helping seniors and their families deal with matters like probate and wills, guardianship, living wills and medical directives. Let help you search for a Florida attorney. Click on “Where Can I Find an […]

Need help in elder law, estate planning, Medicaid, etc.?

Andrew C .Grant

Legal difficulties are a headache, at best, and a nightmare, at worst. It’s incredibly intimidating to navigate the legal world, whether your concerns are estate and finances, health and medicine (especially Medicaid), or more personal issues. Trying to figure out where to go to for help seems impossible. But for seniors in Flagler and Volusia […]

Need help planning your senior life transition?

It’s never too soon (or too late) to start senior life transition planning. Mr. Andrew Grant, Esq., can help you with estate planning, wills, trusts, elder and tax law planning. Take a quick look inside our senior living magazine at PAGE 20 or go to Tax and Estate Planning.