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Where can I find an elder law attorney?

Elder Law attorneys specialize in helping seniors and their families’ transition to a safe, secure senior lifestyle. Wendy A. Mara’s law practice is centered on family and domestic law, probate and wills, guardianship and business matters. Ms. Mara currently serves as President of the Volusia County Bar Association, a six hundred member organization of attorneys. […]

Do you need an elder law attorney in the Daytona-Ormond-Volusia area?

Elder law presents special situations that need expert legal attention. In the Daytona-Ormond-Volusia area, the law office of Mr. Robert Abraham can supply that skilled advice. Mr. Abraham is board certified in the specialized field of Elder Law. You can read about his impressive background, education and legal experience by pointing to Robert Abraham.

Prenuptial and Premarital Agreements

When seniors decide to marry or remarry, it can bring complications to other family members. They may want to think about future family and estate matters. Find out more by reading “Prenuptial / Premarital Agreements” by Wendy A. Mara, J.D., MBA. Wendy is a proud member of the FAL Senior Transition Pro Team.