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Why and Where are People Moving to Florida During the Pandemic?


Have you noticed any new construction in your Florida city, town or neighborhood? Most people have! Building cranes and new construction sites seem to be everywhere in the state. If you have the feeling that Florida is a “growth zone,” you are dead right. In the 2020 Census, Florida passed New York as the nation’s […]

Florida is growing. Here is what that means for you

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If you can recall the Florida of the 1950s, you remember a small-population state with only three urban areas that could be called “cities.” Miami, Tampa-St Petersburg and Jacksonville have now been joined by fast-growing communities like Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Ocala and Kissimmee. For decades, our state’s growth has seemed phenomenal, beyond reasonable expectations. Many […]

Are you curious about your home’s worth?

Dulce Monahan

You may not be thinking about selling your home right now, but it’s important to know how your home’s worth has changed over time. Dulce Monahan from Adams Cameron & Co. Realtors can answer any questions you may have about your home’s worth and what you should do once you know more about it. She […]

Refinance Your Home

Dulce Monahan

Amid all this coronavirus chaos there is room to grow both personally and financially by purchasing or selling a new home. Throughout time, history has proven that investing in real estate is an excellent wealth-building option. Even with the stock market crash of 2020, homeownership is still one of the best investments in the United […]

Relocating out of or to the Volusia County area? Dulce Monahan can help you

Adams Cameron & Co. Realtors

Are you thinking about relocating out of or to the area? Dulce Monahan from Adams Cameron & Co. Realtors has assisted many seniors with downsizing from their family home and relocating to a more convenient community to match their unique needs. She has 18 years of experience and is Senior Real Estate Specialist certified, making […]