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Rx Hearing is having a giveaway for the summer. Submit your entry by August 15, 2022. For more information click here.

Do you, a family member or a friend need a little aid hearing? At OurSeniors.Net we hear this need expressed every day! The senior lifestyle and especially, senior living Florida can be great, but that does not mean it is without some problems. Finding an affordable hearing aid can be a big one!

Big box stores, online “hear aid reviews“ and internet “hearing aids stores” all compete for seniors’ attention and their business. The term “hear hearing“ or some similar text is a common search term. This search for an affordable, in the ear hearing aid does not have to be so confusing. Thanks to OurSeniors.Net and its senior online and print magazine, you can find just what you want right here.

RxHearing Inc and OurSeniors.Net are making medical-grade, rechargeable hearing aids available through this special offer. These devices come with Bluetooth for hearing aids compatibility, and support from an audiologist online. Do not confuse these products with the “cheap hearing aid“ ads you may have seen or heard. RxHearing aids are not merely small amplifiers that amplify all sounds, even distracting or annoying ones. They are sophisticated electronic devices that filter out unwanted noise while making speech audible. They make senior living the joy it ought to be.

That’s what OurSeniors.Net is about- serving the needs of seniors in every way possible. Please continue to visit our website and read our senior online magazine. We will continue to do our best to cover senior living topics like assisted living facilities, senior living resources Social Security issues and all matters of interest to OurSeniors!

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