How to Save on Cooling Costs This Summer

Senior Cooling Down

Summer heatwaves are coming and all of us in Florida know exactly what it means when it comes to
rising cooling costs. We can all say that we know how to deal with the weather during June, July, and
August (and the early weeks of September) but most of us cannot deal with the extra costs that come
with keeping our homes cool. We can point to politics, the pandemic, and the international relationships
that have each challenged our ways of life. But we need to take a closer look at the things we can all do
to lower the price we pay to keep cool during the summer.

Dangers of Summer Heat on Seniors and Retirees

First of all, excessive heat is dangerous for people of all ages. But we know that it can be more
dangerous to people who are older and may have health problems. Faintness, heart and respiration
problems, muscle cramps, and heat edema are just a small handful of symptoms that older people feel
because of heat exposure. The two most serious conditions that seniors and retirees may result from
high temperatures are heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Heat exhaustion is a non-threatening condition
that can typically be treated with proper hydration and plenty of rest. Heatstroke, however, can be life-
threatening and requires medical attention.

Five Ways to Lower Cooling Costs

One of the biggest reasons people avoid adequately cooling their homes during the summer months is
because it can be expensive to run AC units throughout the day. Seniors and retirees that are on fixed
incomes might experience extra financial stress and will find ways to cut costs at every opportunity.
Here are some ideas to lower cooling costs this summer:

  • Use Circulating Fans More Often
    Ceiling, stand-up or any other types of circulating fans do not technically make a room cooler.
    But the wind-chill effect they create can make you feel six or seven degrees cooler. This makes a
    room more comfortable for you to be inside. If you use a circulating fan in addition to an AC
    unit, the circulating fan will help you disperse the cool air more efficiently which means you can
    raise the thermostat level by four to five degrees.
  • Take Care of Your Cooling Systems
    Installing an energy-efficient AC unit and programmable thermostat won’t be enough to reduce
    your cooling costs. You must take care of your system periodically to ensure you are getting the
    most out of it without having to hire a professional to fix any problems. Dirty filters should be
    cleaned or replaced each month. This will unblock airflow which can lower energy consumption
    by as much as 5 to 15 percent.
  • Use Your AC Unit More Economically
    If your AC unit has a programmable thermostat, you should consider adjusting the temperature
    when you are out of the house or asleep. Increasing the thermostat at the right times can
    decrease your bills by about 10 percent. You can be out for hours and have your AC unit running
    to higher settings based on outside and inside temperatures. But this is wasted money that can
    be saved by raising your settings to account for the unnecessary use of energy.
  • Don’t Let the Heat Buildup in Your HomeMany of our memories come from home comforts (and sometimes chores) that we have
    experienced throughout our lives: cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, and more. We’ve gathered
    and talked with friends and family while we do these activities almost preternaturally. The
    trouble is that most people run up their electricity bills by running appliances throughout the
    day and generating heat. Consider grilling outdoors, washing dishes by hand, or drying clothes
    outside as a means to eschew activities that can generate a lot of heat.
  • Close Your Blinds, Curtains, and Shades
    Blinds, curtains and shades can drastically reduce the amount of heat that gets into the home.
    Highly reflective blinds and shades can reduce heat gain by as much as 45 percent. It’s also
    recommended that use light-colored treatments as these deflect the sun’s rays more effectively.
    This simple modification will reduce your overall cooling costs throughout the summer.

Okay. I Need Some Cooling Help!

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