Enjoying Summer In 2023

Senior enjoying the beach with family

Hi There OurSeniors Vendors, Readers, Subscribers, and Donors

Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that human brains work better during the summer months? This might be hard to believe given that it can get quite hot during summer in Florida but it’s true and the reason our brains work better during this season is because we are often more active compared to other seasons. Why is this relevant?

Well, with fall surprisingly right around the corner, it’s important that we take advantage of the summer months we have left. This could be in the form of engaging more with friends and family, finally volunteering for a cause you’ve been wanting to support, getting outdoors more, or even reading more.

To kick all of these things into high gear…start with reading the summer edition of the OurSeniors magazine. This won’t just help you get a start on your potentially overdue summer reading list but will give you things that you can do with your family and friends, make you aware of events we’re hosting, and spark your intrigue with valuable information.

As we head further toward the tail end of summer, let’s make the best of it.

It’s Summer and We Hope You Can Feel It Through the Summer Edition

At OurSeniors, we are passionate about enriching the lives of seniors and this is essentially our purpose. We look to provide our readers with valuable information, heartwarming stories, and a strong sense of community and we hope that we achieve that when you open your copy of each edition we release. With each edition, we strive to create a publication that not only informs and entertains but also sparks inspiration and brings a smile to your face because our readers, our donors, the seniors in our communities, and your families are who we do this for.

Summer is often a time where creativity is sparked and moods are heightened and we want to help encourage this in our readers. So, if you haven’t already, make sure that you read your copy online today or opt-in for our print version.

What You Should Be Looking Forward To

While the next edition of the OurSeniors magazine is more than enough to look forward to, you should also get ready for more ‘Amazing Senior’ content. We won’t spoil any surprises as we hope to share the stories of amazing seniors and have you enjoy them with us as we release them. However, while you wait to see the seniors that we feature in upcoming editions, we’d like to remind you of the valuable information we provide our readers.

For example, if you are trying to navigate the shifting economy in Florida, we invite you to find out more about how you can navigate this. If you want to learn more about continuing your education as a senior, we want to open that discussion for you. The OurSeniors team is committed to providing valuable things to look forward to and to enjoy day to day.

August Is Almost Here and That Means It’s Almost Time for Another Get-Together

Speaking of things to look forward to, we hope that you haven’t forgotten to mark your calendars for the upcoming Lunch and Learn. If you haven’t just yet, here are the details you need to know;

August 18, 2023
Volusia Memorial-Port Orange
11 am-1 pm
4815 Clyde Morris Blvd
Port Orange, FL 32129

We invite you to come to learn about estate and Medicaid planning, planning ahead, and veterans’ benefits for aid and assistance. We look forward to seeing you there and hope that you come with an empty stomach and a list of questions.

Don’t Forget, We’re in This Together

As always, we want to remind you that the OurSeniors team includes all of us and everything that we do isn’t achievable without your support. To contribute to the work that we do, we’d like to invite you to donate and to take advantage of what a donation includes; online access, our weekly newsletter, coupons and discounts, and a mailed copy every quarter.

We appreciate everything that you do for us and the seniors in our communities.

From OurSeniors Team