Father’s Day is June 20, how will you celebrate?

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Fathers are a very important part of everyone’s life. A father is meant to be a provider and protector. Whether or not they are present in a child’s life has a big impact.  Studies have shown that when a father is a part of a child’s life, that child has a better IQ and has less of a risk of behavioral problems during teenage and adult years. For those families without a father around, there is good news. Father figures in general whether it’s a grandfather, uncle, or another supportive man, can make up for situations when a father is not around. The most important aspect is that there is someone, in addition to a mother or mother figure, that is supportive and adds a male perspective to a child’s development.

This Father’s Day, it’s important to take time to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives both alive and deceased. Having a barbeque or being outside in the fresh air is a great way to gather this summer. If you can’t get together, make sure to schedule a time to call or FaceTime those you cannot be with. Show how much you appreciate them with a simple call, and it will make their day!
If you are going to a gathering, we recommend bringing some treats. These are a few of our favorites:

Enjoy and have a Happy Father’s Day!