Finding Assisted Living and announced the transition to LogoToday, Julian Cantillo, President and Founder of Finding Assisted Living and its website,, announced the transition of FAL to FAL has existed to serve a great need:  helping seniors make a safe, secure and satisfying transition into a senior lifestyle. This mission involves numerous challenges and opportunities, including medical, legal, financial, real estate and other concerns. Finding Assisted Living has served not only as an expert guide to finding the best retirement living options, but also as a reliable source of information about the professionals, businesses and service providers needed to make a successful senior life transition.
Mr. Cantillo noted that Finding Assisted Living’s startup and track records have been impressive, as it attracted experienced professionals and business people to its team of experts. Today FAL can offer seniors and their loved ones expert, trustworthy advice on matters ranging from buying and selling real estate to making legal arrangements like wills and trusts, choosing an assisted living facility or retirement home, hiring in-home healthcare providers and many other professional and service suppliers. The Finding Assisted Living family of trusted businesses, carrying the FAL Seal of Approval, can now provide vetted, trusted senior-oriented services ranging from home repair, security, decorating and redecorating to real estate and professional senior placement counseling.
Growth and success are great things, but he explained they have also created a problem. The name, “Finding Assisted Living” simply does not reflect the full, true purpose of this organization. Helping seniors and their families to find the best available retirement living or assisted living facility is a core element in our mission, but it is far from the whole purpose. Our mission is to make senior lifestyle transition as safe, secure and satisfying as possible for seniors themselves and for their loved ones. This undertaking involves a lot more than simply finding the best assisted living or retirement living option. A full, all-inclusive approach to meeting this challenge is what we offer.
Because of this, Finding Assisted Living and will become known as The name, “” reflects the wide-ranging scope of our mission and purpose. will become the ‘go-to-source’ for advice and guidance when seniors are planning life transition, or at any other time. will be a complete, Florida-wide resource directory for seniors, guiding them to the best choices in retirement living, assisted living, financial planning, legal advice and the myriad of other choices and challenges they must face!
Mr. Cantillo explained that as a resource directory, and its website at, will provide free, unbiased and trustworthy advice to Florida seniors when they are transitioning to a new lifestyle. This organization will be able to provide information and direction when choosing home health care providers, senior-oriented legal and medical professionals, real estate and financial professionals and businesses that cater to senior needs. will feature services on the web plus live, hands-on services from senior placement professionals and, in the near-future, a high-quality printed magazine publication. will be more than a Yellow Pages directory. On the internet and in its printed magazine, will provide informative and educational material of interest to seniors, loved ones and caretakers. This is a massive undertaking, but has a head start: the infrastructure it inherits from Finding Assisted Living. It has FAL’s web of professionals, the Senior Transition Pro Team, experts in numerous areas of interest to seniors. It has its collection of vetted, ‘Seal-of-Approval’ businesses and vendors and it has the associates and professional staff that will come over from FAL. Already a great, great start!
Mr. Cantillo added The ‘’ website is well under construction and will go live soon, plans for the magazine are being made, and the Senior Transition Pro Team and all of the associates are ready, willing and able to serve the needs of seniors. He encouraged everyone to “Look for them all soon!”

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