Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration

Agency For Health Care AdministrationIf you or a relative are looking for senior assisted living, memory care living or assisted living in Florida, you need to know about Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. The AHCA defines its mission as “Better Health Care for All Floridians,” and that includes the licensing and regulation of Florida’s senior assisted living and memory care living facilities and nursing homes (skilled nursing care facilities), as well as hospitals and other health care organizations.
In addition, AHCA licenses businesses that provide in-home senior care or services and equipment to people of any age in their homes. AHCA may be “little known,” but it has a big mission. It is AHCA’s responsibility to see to it that senior assisted living facilities, memory care living facilities, and providers of in-home senior care are properly trained, screened, qualified and equipped to serve the needs of our seniors.
OurSeniors.NET also has an important mission. We want to make every person’s transition into senior life a safe, secure and satisfying journey. Sometimes this mission involves finding the best possible senior assisted living or memory care living facility for one of our seniors. At other times, we may try to locate the highest quality senior home care provider, keeping the senior in the comfort of their familiar surroundings.
The Agency for Health Care Administration is a great resource for seniors, their families and also for OurSeniors.NET. When OurSeniors.NET searches for the best in-home senior care provider, senior assisted living facility, memory care living facility or senior home care agency, it depends on information provided by the AHCA to evaluate those organizations. OurSeniors.NET advisors use this data and information provided by the senior or their loved ones to find the best possible match for the individual.
Nurse with senior patientThe AHCA includes the Division of Health Quality Assurance, which protects seniors and all Floridians by overseeing the quality of health care providers such as in-home senior care. These dedicated professionals do a quality job themselves, regulating 40 different types of health care providers including hospitals, nursing homes, senior assisted living facilities, and in-home senior care agencies. In total, the Division licenses, certifies, regulates or provides exemptions for more than 49,500 health care providers in the state of Florida. That is a big, big job! The AHCA cannot possibly provide individual attention to the needs of each and every senior in search of help. OurSeniors.NET strives to do just that.
This individual attention is an important part of OurSeniors.NET’s mission. We do our best to know the individual circumstances that surround each situation. We are familiar with the local providers of in-home senior care, senior assisted living, memory care living and all-things-senior needs and services. OurSeniors.NET Senior Transition Pro Team can provide the professional services in law, medicine, financial planning and real estate that are essential to making a successful transition into senior life.
Part of AHCA’s function is to serve as a “watchdog,” insuring that in-home senior care, senior assisted living and memory care living facilities maintain professional standards. OurSeniors.NET’s mission is to be helpful and informed about anything and everything affecting senior life.  When you contact an OurSeniors.NET Advisor, you will get trustworthy, unbiased and knowledgeable advice about a wide range of senior issues and opportunities, including-

  • A Florida attorney search
  • Finding a Florida CPA
  • Choosing retirement communities in Florida
  • Finding 55+ communities in Florida
  • Locating a senior real estate specialist

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