A few tips on traveling safely when you’re on vacation



If you enjoy hitting the road to visit family or friends during a long weekend, we have a few ideas to help you stay safe and healthy wherever you are going:

Traveling by car

Living in Florida means we have to travel by car one way or another. Whether it’s to go to the airport we are visiting someone within the state, a car is going to be involved. A one to five hour drive is usually easy to do, especially if you are switching driving duties with someone else and making sure to get enough stops in along the way.  If the drive is more than five hours, it is best to stop overnight as you risk being fatigued, and accident rates go up the more tired you are.

A few key things to remember no matter how far you are driving:

  • Have your car inspected or serviced before the drive
  • Prepare your home before you leave so make sure it is secure and monitored
  • Plan to leave very early in case of accidents along the way
  • Make frequent stops to move your body and hydrate to stay alert
  • Tell someone about your itinerary and when they should be expecting you
  • Put valuables in the trunk or a covered storage area
  • Bring snacks to keep hunger at bay

If you are staying somewhere overnight, make sure that the accommodations are booked and confirmed. Ensure that you know when your next meal is so you are prepared to eat when you are hungry instead of trying to find a place to eat when you are already hungry.

Traveling by plane

Things have changed dramatically in terms of air travel and they are constantly changing with airlines canceling flights, bad weather delaying itineraries, and much more. A few things to consider before getting on a plane:

  • Make sure you know which flight you are booked on and if there have been any changes to your itinerary since you last checked
  • If you are taking rideshare like Uber or Lyft to the airport, make sure to book it in advance as many are taking longer than usual
  • Get to the airport with ample amount of time as there may be lines to check on baggage or go through security
  • Try to eat beforehand as many airplanes are not offering in-flight food service and those that are rarely offer healthy options that you may enjoy
  • It is best to wipe down surfaces wherever you are so you do not get sick before or after your trip

Overall, when traveling these days always make sure to leave with extra time in case of any delays. Whether there’s traffic or the system is down at the airport that is causing a long line to check in, there are plenty of issues that come up that are out of your control. Being patient and prepared is the best thing you can do.

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