How BMG Helps Seniors and Retirees Get the Financial Help They Need BMG Helps Seniors and Retirees Get the Financial Help They Need

Financial planning is complicated at any age. Most people are not financial
professionals that know the ins and outs of creating stable strategies that
will allow them to enjoy the fruits of their hard work into their golden years.
With we establish a great partnership with a not-for-profit
organization that recognizes our dedication to providing loans that help
people work through unexpected problems affordably and responsibly
regardless of creditworthiness.

BMG Money Is a Different Kind of Company

Our organization was founded in 2009 to help protect seniors and retirees
from predatory loan operators that use tactics of confusion and
manipulation to put many in need of temporary financial assistance in dire
situations that could lead to bankruptcy or worse. Even with sound financial
planning, unexpected situations like medical or dental expenses, home or
car repairs can leave many people feeling uncertain about their future. We
are based in Miami, FL, and currently operate in 37 states and Washington
D.C. Our organization has earned a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, Google and
Facebook, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an
A+ rating.
BMG Money provides valuable financial resources and services to seniors
and retirees. While other financial institutions might consider this
community at risk, BMG Money welcomes it and has launched the “Loans
for Retirees” program specifically to help seniors and retirees that have
been rejected by banks and credit unions gain access to important
emergency loans and resources to help them get back on their feet. BMG
Money’s Vice President Jose Patino explains “Loan eligibility depends on
current income—not credit history—a needed relief for consumers who
have low credit scores or are otherwise denied by traditional lenders and
shut out of the financial mainstream.”
The application process for the “Loans for Retirees” program is easy and
takes just a few minutes to apply on the website through
any mobile or computer device. There are no credit checks and an
applicant’s credit score will not be affected. BMG Money does report
successful repayments to credit bureaus which ultimately may improve
one’s credit history. Those who apply need only to submit 2 or 3 documents
which can be sent via email, text or uploaded directly to the website.
Anyone applying will learn of their status within 2 or 3 days and will receive
their money 1 to 2 business days after their approval, depending on their
preferred funding method.
BMG Money offers easy repayment options, including automatic
repayments directly from the deposited account that are scheduled to take
place on a date of our customers’ choosing. This ensures seniors and
retirees do not miss their repayments and helps improve their credit
histories. You can learn more about the “Loans for Retirees” on our website
or by contacting customer support at 800-316-8507 or

There Are Big Reasons Why Our Clients Remain Loyal

When potential customers ask about our work, we thoroughly explain what
we do and how we can help. But sometimes it is best to let others do the
talking. Every client that reaches out to us will speak with a lending
professional that will create a customized plan to fit a unique situation.
These are a few testimonials from actual clients that have benefited from
our hard work and dedication to their specific needs:
“Please allow me to convey exceptional appreciation from Rudy and his
stellar performance regarding my first loan and refinance loan.”
When our associates meet with our senior and retiree clients, we know they
will have tons of questions and have hesitancies about financial choices. All
of our associates are trained, experienced and knowledgeable to resolve all
of your concerns and help you take those first steps toward financial
“I am EXTREMELY satisfied with BMG, but more satisfied with Rudy. I look
forward to a long-term partnership advancing mutual benefits.”
We take a personalized approach toward helping the senior and retiree
community by customizing financial strategies. We do not believe in a one-
size-fits-all model. Unlike other financial organizations working with these
audiences, we listen to goals, evaluate unique situations, and provide
options that make our clients know that they are understood and
Looking To the Future and Our Relationship with
BMG Money is proud to partner with our friends at and the wonderful
resources they provide through its senior living magazine, its online site,
and its social media presence. We know our work will reach hundreds of
seniors and retirees looking for financial assistance because they can trust
the relationship and recommendation we have from a reputable not-for-
profit organization that has provided trustworthy advice in its senior lifestyle
magazine since 2016. And we, at BMG Money, look forward to hearing
from you to help you navigate financial situations and get you back to living
healthy and fulfilling lives. Check out our website, email us at, or call us at 800-316-8507 to learn
more about our full line of senior and retiree loan services and financial