How to Cope With Hearing Loss

hearing loss 800

hearing loss 800
Have you ever been in a room with a group of people and can’t hear the person talking to you correctly? You want to have a personal conversation, but you miss important parts of it. You ask them to repeat themselves, but it keeps happening and you just hope you catch the rest of the conversation to understand the full story.
It may feel like you are alone in this, especially while in a room filled with younger people. But you’re not. The fact is that after a certain age, your ears don’t work as well. But there are ways you can get past it and learn to cope.
Tell the People You’re Talking to
Explain before having a conversation. Simply telling people that you are hard of hearing is a big step to being more comfortable, for both you and the people you are talking to. Denying it will only make it worse and it will not help your current situation. Friends and loved ones will understand ahead of time that they may need to repeat themselves sometimes and the conversation will not be as difficult.
Do Your Research
Hearing loss is a new experience for everyone, so becoming more aware of it can make you feel more in control. Ask questions of an audiologist or otolaryngologist to learn about treatments, support groups and medical check-ups. The more you know about it, the more you can understand what is actually happening to you and you can accept it more easily.
Create an Ideal Environment
When you’re talking to someone, make sure to eliminate background noise such as the television or any music that is playing. Try speaking slowly and clearly, and ask the person you are speaking with to do the same. Make sure you are facing him or her and that you are sitting in a well-lit area so you can read their lips when they talk.
Get the Right Tools
A hearing aid will definitely help with speaking to people at dinner and gatherings, but have you heard of caption services for phone conversations? ClearCaptions is a free captioning service funded by Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It provides real-time captions during phone conversations to help understand what the speaker is saying.
For more information visit ClearCaptions or contact ClearCaptions by phone at 386-210-9844.

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