How to Make Your Crooked Smile Picture Perfect!

Obeng Family Dental

Obeng Family DentalDo you cringe whenever a well-meaning friend asks you to “smile for the camera?” Have you stopped beaming from ear to ear because of missing teeth? If so, you need a makeover! When I say makeover, I mean a new pearly set of dentures! Dentures are restorative and completely change your look from the inside out. Long gone are the days when dentures were thought of as an option only for people with bad hygiene. Modern dentures are comfortable, affordable, and trendy. Did you know that of the 36 million Americans without teeth, about 90% of them have dentures? That’s right! Dentures are no longer stashed away in medicine cabinets or kept hidden as grandma’s little secret. More than 15% of seniors have a new set of dentures made annually. Thanks to the dramatic evolution of dentistry, you can have the heartthrob smile of your favorite celebrity. If dental cosmetics are not your thing, take a glance below at some other amazing perks you could benefit from:

  • Dentures boost your self-confidence
  • Enhance your ability to speak
  • Improve your ability to chew
  • Restore your smile by filling missing teeth
  • Helps prevent sagging cheeks
  • Is easily removed
  • A breeze to take care of

One of the best features of these prosthetics is their ability to replace any missing teeth. If you lost teeth to gum disease, dentures can fix that. Suffering from tooth decay or had a few teeth fall out? No worries. Dentures will leave you looking brand new! But of course, not all dentures are created equal. It takes the hands of a seasoned artist to achieve the look you are searching for. If you want a restorative treatment that is affordable and beautiful, contact Obeng Family Dental. Obeng Family Dental is known for its quality care and state of the art dental equipment. Book a consultation TODAY, with Approved Vendor Obeng Family Dental, and transform from camera shy to photogenic.
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