Is the Current Economy Affecting Your IRA?

Senior Couple Dealing With Bills

We are just a little over halfway through 2022 and many are concerned about preparing for and protecting their IRAs (individual retirement accounts). Questions about the bear and bull markets are abound but most regular folks would like their money to work on its own without having to deal with financial decisions that put unwanted stress on their daily lives.

Recessions happen, as they have occurred since our nation was founded and impact gross domestic product, employment rates, and cost of living. They also are directly tied to investment prices which for many seniors and retirees are tied to IRAs. Inflation also affects one’s daily life. Everything from the price of groceries to filling up on gasoline can put stress on one’s finances.

One of the largest crashes occurred in 2020 between February and April when approximately 12% of prices dropped across tradable commodities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was unforeseen but gives all of us a lesson about emergencies and future financial planning. This is where BMG Money can assist with affordable loans to help the retiree and senior communities navigate the current market.

BMG Money Can Provide Quick Loans to Assist Seniors and Retirees

BMG Money provides important financial resources and services compared to that of other financial companies. Unexpected situations like medical and dental expenses or home and car repairs can leave a lot of people on the verge of bankruptcy. People often turn to high-interest loans from predatory lenders or are denied assistance because they are considered a high-risk group. The “Loans for Retirees” program specifically focuses on helping seniors and retirees and helps them gain access to important financial assistance and resources.

The application process for a personal loan is easy and can be done online in a matter of minutes through any computer device or mobile phone. There are no credit checks and applicants’ FICO credit scores will not be negatively affected. On the contrary, successful repayments can help one’s credit score. According to a recent satisfied customer:

Easy process and very expeditious service. Rudolph called me and guided me through what little forms I needed and he did the rest for me in the background! In my opinion, all other loan companies should emulate BMG processes, seeing as how they ARE the epitome of that a loan company can be if done right.

–          Frank H.

Where Can I Find Affordable Loans Near Me?

When we hear people ask “where can I get loans near me?” The first thing we point to is our website. People have 24-hour access and can get quick loans in just a few minutes by submitting a couple of documents. Notification of approval takes about 2 to 3 business days and applicants may receive payments just a couple of days after the paperwork is complete.

Applying for affordable loans online has never been easier than with BMG, a workable solution. BMG Money has great customer support service and is attentive to every customer. The company understands that seniors and retirees are often rejected or have to face high-interest rates when they apply for a fedloan and have to turn to untrustworthy lenders. BMG is an excellent alternative to predatory loan operators. You can learn more about BMG’s “Loans for Retirees” program by contacting 800-316–8507 or by checking out its website at to take the first steps toward financial stability.



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