Its never too early to pre-plan with Dignity Memorial

Its Never Too Early To Pre-Plan With Dignity Memorial - Slider

For many older Americans, making plans for what will happen after death is a difficult subject to bring up with friends and family. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of people avoid talking about death altogether, and factors like culture, finances, relationships, and health that make talking about the future and funeral planning even more challenging. But one unyeilding fact of life is that no one lives forever, and planning ahead is a great way to alleviate some of the stress survivors will experience when their loved ones pass.

Be Proactive About Your Future Plans

Planning ahead for your funeral, cremation, or celebration of life is a way to give yourself, friends, and family peace of mind. Your final wishes are respected, and you take an active role in creating reasonable solutions to unforeseen situations. No two people are exactly alike, and a one-size fits all plan doesn’t work. When you work with a quality funeral home you can rest assured that you will have guidance throughout the planning phases. Discussing end-of-life services and making decisions together encourages honesty within families and will help to prevent any disagreements that may arise among family members after one’s death.

Benefits of Planning with Dignity Memorial

When the time comes to plan ahead with a funeral, you can trust Dignity Memorial, a chain of funeral homes, cremation, and cemeteries with over 1900 locations. Dignity Memorial has long-standing ties with the communities they serve and is the preferred full-service provider by those seeking celebration of life guidance and grief assistance. A few of their benefits include:

Relocation Protection – If you have a prepaid plan and you want to transfer that plan to another location, Dignity Memorial will move the entire plan to one of its over 1,900 locations throughout North America. Through its relocation protection, you can rest assured you won’t be tied down to a single location or region.
Lifetime Flexibility – Dignity Memorial offers flexibility on all its plans throughout the life of those plans. This means that if want to make changes to your end-of-life arrangements as circumstances change, you can do so without hassle. Dignity Memorial will help you every step of the way.
Purchase Protection – If you pass away and leave behind an outstanding balance on your cemetery property, your family may be eligible for financial assistance of up to $5,000 with Dignity Memorial’s Purchase Protection Plan. The purchaser needs to be at least 65 years of age.
Family First Cost Protection – If you have a plan with Dignity Memorial and experience the death of either an unmarried child or grandchild under 2 years of age, Dignity Memorial will cover the costs of cremation services, funeral services, and cemetery internment at the same level as your own plan.
100% Service Guarantee – Every location of the Dignity Memorial family provides a 100% service guarantee to ensure they get every plan detail accurate the first time for every family they serve. If families are unsatisfied or Dignity Memorial gets a detail wrong, they offer a refund for a portion of that service.
Compassion Helpline – From time to time, families need professional grief counselors to help them cope with a loss. Dignity Memorial partners with Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. to provide access to a Compassion Helpline. It’s a complimentary phone service offering assistance for up to 13 months after a loved one passes.
Free Online Obituary – Obituaries help families keep the memories of loved ones through shared experiences and photographs provided by survivors. All of Dignity Memorial’s services include a free online obituary without cut-off dates or restricted access.
Travel Assistance – Dignity Memorial works with various international and national travel agencies to help family members get to where they need to be. This comes in handy when arrangements are time-sensitive or finances are limited. Dignity Memorial will find the best options to make travel easy during this difficult time.

Dignity Memorial are dedicated, local professionals committed to getting all the details right by carefully listening and guiding each family through meaningful life celebrations. Dignity Memorial has three Florida locations, including Volusia Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Ormond Beach 386-703-3673, Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home, Memorial Gardens and Crematory in Flagler Beach 386-854-3565, and Volusia Memorial-Port Orange 386-854-3799 in Port Orange.

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