Here are Some Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Seniors Halloween

Preparation for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween is a fun time for people of all ages. It is the time of year when dressing up as a vampire is socially acceptable! In case you have not had the time to buy a costume or would prefer something that is easy to put together, here are a few senior costumes ideas:

  • A witch (black dress, a black hat and some lace black gloves)
  • Crazy cat lady (a bathrobe with pinned stuffed toy cats)
  • The Queen of England (fancy hat, small purse, coat or party dress, a crown, jewelry)
  • Colonel Sanders (white suit, black string tie, cane, glasses)
  • A pirate or gypsy (a scarf wrapped around the head, a puffy white blouse, and gold hoops)
  • An artist (black pants, black sweatshirt, beret, cardboard painted with color swatches and a paintbrush)
  • Swap roles and dress up as a child

Halloween is for everybody especially seniors enjoying their golden years! Step into your spooky side, have some fun and show some spirit this Halloween.

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