Local Businesses are Still Suffering – It’s Our Duty to Help

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Although the pandemic seems like it’s almost over, its effects are still very prevalent. Local businesses such as restaurants, shops, spas and many others are still having issues with less patrons coming in and smaller staff to help.
All around the U.S., businesses are suffering from multiple issues from supply chain to staffing and much more. The best way we can help is to go out and support them. While certain restaurants may not have the impeccable service it used to, understand that they are trying to stay afloat. If a market or store doesn’t have certain items in stock, understand that it may be a supply chain issue. The pandemic caused a variety of issues for business owners, but that does not mean we should abandon them.
Go out this weekend and remember to shop small!
If you’re in the Volusia County area, a few spots we love are: DB Pickles, Peach Valley Café, Valdiano ’s Pizza, and Culver’s.