This is a great option for short-term care

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| Written by Dr. Regina Asihene |
Being a caregiver can be hard.  In fact, we all burn out at some point and will need a break.  When a primary caregiver needs a break, respite care can provide short-term relief.  Respite care is basically time off so that the primary caregivers can get away from their responsibilities for physical and emotional relief.  Respite can be arranged for a few hours, several days or even weeks.  Respite care can be done in different settings:  at home, in a nursing home, or at an assisted living facility.

How much does respite care cost?

Respite services charge by the hour or by the number of days that services are provided. Most insurance plans do not cover these costs.  You must pay all costs yourself that are not covered by insurance or other funding sources.  If you choose respite in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility, then Medicare will pay only five days in a row.
Majestic Gardens Living provides the most professional and compassionate care for seniors during short-term stays.  Some seniors come to us after a hospital stay or injury that makes it difficult to stay in their own homes while they get better.  Others come when their family caregivers to on vacation or travel for business.  And for many, short-term respite stays are a perfect way to “try out” our community.  Majestic Gardens Living offers arts and crafts, pet therapy, music therapy, fresh home-made meals, garden time, yoga and tai chi along with card games and Bingo. Please contact us at anytime if you need respite care: 386-243-9993.