Looking To Take a Solo Trip? Solo Travel Ideas for Seniors

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to exploring. Your ability to travel isn’t altered by age itself and if you don’t need anyone for physical assistance, you don’t even have to take anyone else along. Let’s face it—we all need a little time away from the pressures of everyday life to re-energize ourselves and rediscover who we are as individuals. For many, that means taking a solo trip.

Whether you feel like you’re being called to answer an inner calling, or just want to get out of dodge for a while, solo travel as an older adult is something that’s becoming even more popular. 

Even if you haven’t been able to take a solo trip before now and aren’t sure where to start, there are endless possibilities to help curb your appetite for a new adventure on your own. If you’re a senior living in Florida, keep reading for some great solo travel ideas for seniors.

Travel Solo to Find Yourself

Did you know that solo travel is a great way to build self-trust? Aside from building trust, solo traveling can bring out new sides of people that might have been lying dormant. You will meet new people, learn new skills, make memories, and be introduced to new connections. A solo vacation allows you to take the time you need to focus on what’s important to you and really get to know yourself again. It’s also a great way to manage any stress you may have as well.

If you want a good way to get in more physical activity, a trip without the distractions of others tagging along is a good way to go. Between 2018 and 2019, the number of solo travelers spiked by 42% and if COVID-19 didn’t become a factor that affected the health of the public, that percentage might have increased. Whether you want to take a lone-wolf backpacking trip abroad or take a cruise, people often find out more about themselves when they travel alone.

Have You Taken a Solo Cruise Before?

Cruises are a great way to travel because they allow you to see a lot of places without the need to handle any of the transportation on your own. Not only will you get to anchor down in multiple places that would be great destinations, but there are also a variety of amenities on the ship. From shuffleboard, buffets, and dancing to yoga classes, spas, and plenty of chances to mingle with other guests, you will have the opportunity to try just about anything you may have wanted to.. 

The great thing is, that there are multiple types of cruises. This means that you could take a singles cruise if you were interested. Cruises are also affordable options for a quick or long trip. You can even combine a cruise with other means of travel to extend your trip and span it across other countries. Tickets will often range in price depending on destination, the length of your trip, and your onboard accommodations like your suite. 

You could go for an affordable three-day cruise to the Bahamas for as little as $190 to $460. What’s even better is that if you’re a senior living in Florida, you are near popular ports for cruise departures. If you’ve never taken a cruise, but have always wanted to, taking one by yourself is the perfect opportunity.

Go on a Multi-State Food Tour

If you’re a foodie and love trying something new, a food tour would be the perfect kind of trip. A trip across a few neighboring states or even farther out in search of different state’s most popular restaurants, recipes, and natural food sources, is a great way to do something new while treating yourself. 

Did you know that millennials on average, try at least 46 new foods each year? That’s just when you aren’t necessarily making it a mission to try new foods. The point is, our appetites can change as we age and while this is different for everyone, it’s another reason to try new and interesting eats when you can. The thing is, a gradual loss of appetite is considered to be a typical aspect of aging. 

Technically speaking, if a senior has low energy and engages in less physical activity, few calories are needed which can factor into a loss in appetite. Going on a multi-state food tour is a great way to treat yourself regardless of how we may age and can be done by RV or you could just hop into your car and utilize hotels along the way.

Ever Try Sightseeing the Country by Train?

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling across the country but don’t have the energy or the interest to drive, a train trip can be just as fulfilling. If you’ve never taken a train across the country, you’ll be in for a treat. It’s a great means of transportation and a good way for seniors to travel without having to do any driving. 

Going from coast to coast by train only takes 2 to 3 days but you can coordinate your trip in any way you like. For example, if the end of your trip has you in San Francisco, you could stay and explore the city or take a weekend cruise. You can even fly back home instead of taking the train back.

A Bucket List Trip Could Be the Answer

Many people might not know how they want to approach the term “bucket list”. However, the majority of people often will have a bucket list and that doesn’t always mean it’s on a sheet of paper tucked away. Bucket lists are oftentimes not written down or kept. They are often mentally maintained. 

Whether you have a formal bucket list, or just a mentally-kept idea of the top things you want to do in life, a trip featuring the things on your list could make for a liberating experience and a variety of memories you’ll want to cherish. If you’ve been toying with the idea of traveling somewhere new and exciting, but just can’t decide where to go, you can use this to help you narrow down your options. 

Try sitting down and making a bucket list of all the places you’ve always wanted to visit or things you’ve wanted to do if you haven’t done so already. It might even look good in a frame if you really want to mark the start of your adventures.

Solo Travel Can Make a Difference

Solo travel as an older adult is a great way to take time for yourself, relax, and expand your horizons while doing it. You don’t have to be retired to travel alone or even have a travel partner, to do it. 

If you have the means and a good bill of health that will allow you to travel alone, it might be one of the best experiences you’ll create for yourself. Just don’t forget to take plenty of pictures so that you can make a keepsake out of the memories you’ll make.

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