OurSeniors.net Magazine welcomes Canada Cloud Pharmacy

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OurSeniors.net Magazine welcomes Canada Cloud Pharmacy to its list of Approved Vendors.
One of the top issues that older Americans face today is the increased cost of prescription drugs. Our nation’s system is not regulated, and pharmaceutical companies set prices that they know people will pay. It’s the unfortunate reality we are living in and the government can’t step in sooner.
The Internet has opened up possibilities of online pharmacies around the world that can provide the same drugs for cheaper costs, but at what cost? Whenever you buy something on the Internet there is a risk. People who buy from online pharmacies put themselves in danger not knowing where the drug comes from, what is in it, and the side effects that come with it. Those drugs aren’t regulated making it very difficult for customers to know what they are getting.
CanadaCloud located in Vancouver, Canada, saw this issue and realized it must come to an end. Their mission is to provide safe and effective drugs to people around the world at a low cost. It is a brick and mortar pharmacy that sources drugs from Canada that are subject to FDA-like standards and regulations. “We are your typical mom and pop pharmacy that services the local community. We are not a chain or big-box pharmacy and we pride ourselves on providing personal service that you would expect from an independent community pharmacy,” said a Pavan Dhillon, Founder of CanadaCloud. Customers can feel comfortable knowing that their drugs are coming from qualified professionals that are transparent and caring.
While online pharmacies take weeks to fulfill orders, CanadaCloud provides a timeline of 5-14 days. Some orders are quicker than that and if there happens to be an issue, you are met by a staff member rather than a call center representative. The service is personalized to your needs and staff members genuinely care about getting it right for everyone.
If you or your loved one need lower prescription drug costs, call 800-901-0041 for more information.

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