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Axiom Administrative Services

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The mission of is to serve the needs of seniors in all ways possible. We have been at this for years, starting even before the internet era. We once connected to seniors through direct mail campaigns (and we still do). Soon, we were reaching out via a traditional web site with a few pages of information on how to fine the best senior assisted living facilities.

Axiom Administrative Services

Throughout our history, we have had a technical arm, a group of professionals who understood web design, SEO links and branding strategies. They are still very much with us; Axiom Administrative Services is the technical side of the Family. Axiom provides internet and marketing services of all types. They have done traditional direct mail campaigns, video productions, web and SEO services and especially material aimed at the senior and 55+ market. We call them, “Axiom, the Specialists in Senior Communications.”
If you have any service, product or professional practice, and wish to establish a presence in the senior market segment, Axiom Administrative Services is the place to start. Look at their website now to find out how Axiom Administrative Services can fill your digital marketing needs, especially in the senior market sector.

We hope you are familiar with our social media pages, especially the Facebook Page and the YouTube Page, serving the growing senior and 55+ audience for the web, internet and social media content. The fact is that social media are a more and more important way to reach the senior and 55+ adult market and to serve their needs. Our professionals spend as much time on social media as they do on traditional web services. We serve the needs and the preferences of seniors, and we know that they are gravitating to social media! Magazine

Never forget Magazine, the printed version of our flagship publication. This high-quality printed magazine is distributed free at over 300 pickup locations throughout a seven-county area in coastal Volusia-Flagler and nearby counties (Seminole, Orange, Lake, Osceola and Polk). These locations include major outlets like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Denny’s Restaurants and numerous small business and office locations. Magazine is a “keeper” that stays with the senior, their friends and their family. This is well worth a trip to your local Walmart or CVS Pharmacy. There are dozens of other locations too (see Pickup Locations). Right now, you can read the latest edition at Magazine Online.

Inside the Magazine, you will find the Pullout Section. It’s a “keeper” for seniors, 55+ adults and their loved ones, a reference for them and a great way to get your business, service or practice in front of thousands of consumers. The Online Edition of the Pullout Section allows you to see the very professional product. Just click on Brunch and Learn Events

We are especially proud of the Brunch and Learn Events, giving us a chance to meet and network personally with seniors. These events also give senior-oriented business and professional people a chance to do the same. In the past, we have featured professionals from the fields of dentistry, financial planning, law, senior placement services and health insurance. Find out more at Brunch and Learn Events.

Oh, yes! Don’t forget our traditional website at And we still answer the phones at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español). Contact Us by email. Have a great day, and please think of us as family.

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