Podcasts are great! Here are a few to know

listening to podcast 800

listening to podcast 800
September 30 is International Podcast Day, so we wanted to highlight a few that we enjoy. If you have never heard of a podcast or you want to learn more, read below!
Podcasts have been around since the early-2000’s as a way to produce radio-style shows in a format where people can listen to them on their own time and from anywhere. The first podcasts were delivered to the public on the internet with the first-known podcast named The BackStage Pass giving people the chance to hear interviews at their own leisure with well-known artists such as B.B. King and The Beach Boys. Since then, smartphones now have apps that combine all podcasts in one place for people to listen from their phones. They can be played while in the house, driving in the car or while on the computer. The purpose of them is to give people a more personalized experience and provide a convenient way to listen to the things they are interested in.
Now, there are thousands of podcasts that cover many different topics. A few popular news podcasts are Up First (NPR News), Fox News Radio and What’s News (WSJ). If you want to be inspired or learn more about interesting and worldly topics, TedTalks podcasts feature inspiring speakers, and Freakonomics podcasts are very informational. Podcasts can be found in a variety of smartphone Apps such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible and more.
Since more and more seniors are starting to listen to podcasts, we decided to launch our own where we interview our Approved Vendors and provide insight on a variety of topics that are relevant to seniors. So far, we have covered topics such as preparing a will, buying a home in Volusia county, insurance for seniors, planning your estate and many others. We know you are going to love it, so check it out at OurSeniors Radio!

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