Posture is Body Language – What is YOUR Body Saying?


Poor posture results from certain muscles tightening up or shortening while others lengthen and become weak, which often occurs because of one’s daily activities such as golfing, accidents, pregnancy, or simply not exercising properly. Often it leads to pain, injury, or other health problems such as digestive issues, shortness of breath, bladder incontinence, or sciatic nerve pain just to name a few. Poor posture also sends messages to the brain to release cortisol and less testosterone into the body thus causing stress and low energy.  Basically, when the body is in a state of unease, it cannot heal itself and this should alarm everyone who has a body!
For the past 21 years, we have proven many hundreds of times that the body was designed to heal itself when in a state of EASE!
Proper posture:

  • Keeps your joints and bones in proper alignment
  • Ensures muscles are being used effectively and efficiently
  • Helps to decrease abnormal wear and tear on joint surfaces
  • Decreases stress on the spinal ligaments
  • Holds the spine in a neutral position
  • Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Minimizes the risk of sprain and strain injuries
  • Reduces the risk of back pain
  • Promotes a good appearance
  • Promotes energy and a positive mental outlook by releasing proper hormones
  • Promotes feelings of success and confidence by releasing proper hormones
  • Appear intelligent and successful to others

When all the organs of the body are receiving 100% of the blood flow and 100% of the neurological messages needed to do their job, there is a higher state of overall health!  Less medications will be required, and the immune system will be strengthened!
The Chiropractor’s goal is to put the joint into the right position. After the adjustment, walking out the door and getting in the car, the joint goes out of alignment.  We build the right muscle to line up the joints and hold it there permanently.  What a wonderful team we could be, working together!
Physical therapy after a needed surgery is a medical necessity.  We are a great follow-up once cleared by PT.
Fitworks Perfect Posture® Natural Pain Solutions believe in the medical community.  We are a natural solution BEFORE medications, shots, and surgery.  Those should be used when there are no other options available.  In other words, as a last resort.
Dr. S. Hansen, who did 12 sessions with us said, “You could solve 95% of my patient’s problems!”
Upon his 11th session, Dr. R Miller said, “Everyone should see you first and if you can’t fix it, THEN see a doctor!”
Dr. Soulier happily stated, “I feel ten years younger!”
Unfortunately, our typical client is a person who has been in chronic pain and passed through the medical process without solving the problem.  After spending tens of thousands of dollars, many years searching for a solution and using prescription medications, shots and sometimes surgery only to find none of it helped, they find us! All they wanted to do was stop hurting.  So, one more time they dig up their last bit of hope, try our process and are amazed at how quickly these subtle and specific exercises and stretches work to solve the origin of the problem! Then, they lament the amount of money and pain we would have saved them, had they come to us first!
We are constantly searching for people who:

  • Have pain while they walk, run, or sit
  • Lost abilities they had prior (“I just want to reach my cupboard again”)
  • Want to perform better in their activities
  • Want to look thinner and more successful
  • Want to add life to their years and years to their life

Everybody is silently screaming for help and we are listening!  Generally, it takes a minimum of 12 sessions however, the more chronic issues can take longer.  Everybody is different and so is every virtual private session because we modify the exercises in every session to meet each specific need.
We do not load joints and are completely safe with unstable hips and bulging and/or herniated discs! Listen to your body and call for a FREE Virtual Evaluation right now by calling 407-408-7588!

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