Program Improves Aging In Place Safely

Program Improves Aging In Place Safely

The National Council on Aging has noted 65% of falls happen inside the home. The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach was awarded an Older Adult Home Modification Program Grant through the Office of Housing and Urban Development to assist Senior homeowners in the Daytona Beach Area with implementing solutions to reduce home hazards. Through our client-centered approach, our occupational therapist meets with homeowners to analyze the challenges they face for safely aging in place.

Program participants may experience challenges including balance issues, vision impairments and mobility loss. We have successfully implemented simple solutions with dramatic results for our clients. Modifications completed thus far have included the following:

Installation of grab bars has been a key solution for those homeowners who are experiencing balance and motion issues. These bars are secured to a wall allowing for increased confidence when navigating wet areas.
Tub cuts, or removal and capping of part of the front wall of the bathtub, create a lower entry threshold for easier access.
Nonslip self-adhesive waterproof strips have been easily installed to reduce the risks of slips and falls.
Round doorknobs and faucet handles have been replaced with lever-style handles which allow for easier operation.
Existing shower heads have been replaced with handheld ones to allow for greater accessibility.
We have implemented a variety of lighting solutions to decrease the effects of visual impairments.
One of the simpler solutions has been replacing existing light bulbs with brighter, energy-efficient LED bulbs.
Battery-operated task lighting with remote controls or sensors have been installed in high-hazard areas, like kitchens, to reduce the risk of injury.
In cases where clients have found it easier to cook while seated, we have provided kitchen task chairs and replaced existing stoves with front-control models to reduce the risk of burns.
Several homes have single steps in between rooms where we installed handrails to help safely transition between areas.
Bed rails and couch canes have been successfully used to help clients with safe transitions.

The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach is pleased to continue our efforts to assist older adult homeowners in our community with reducing home hazards, allowing them to continue to live safely in their homes for years to come.

To begin the application process for home modifications through the Older Adult Home Modification Program, contact Delia Gonzalez at 386-235-6080 or email for more information.

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