Team Helps A Son In Need!

Team Helps A Son In Need

Dad is dead! Mom has Parkinson’s, stage 5. She is, unfortunately, unable to talk or walk but she can cry and scream all day long even though it’s as though she’s trapped in her body. Some may understand this pain better than others. When I got word through the assisted living facility that my mom and dad had been living at for several years, it wasn’t until significantly after that they told me about dad’s death.

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The reason being? The bills weren’t being paid. Just looking to have the bills paid because they were not getting what was due is what led them to break the news to me! This opening statement of the bills were not being paid is very relevant to this letter of praise. It shows how much gratitude was shown to me, given that they have done nothing but take advantage of the situation and combine it with sad news.

I hope you will continue to read even though it may seem a bit long, there’s information that you may find helpful as it could offer guidance and comfort toward your current situation or those that you may face in the future.

As the oldest, I had to begin understanding the laws, especially since there was no guardian listed in her will, no surrogate for medical purposes, and no financial guardian. Thankfully, my mother’s lawyer was someone I knew. He is no longer practicing so couldn’t help with all of the requirements associated with a responsibility like this one, but he did provide me with a referral that would change not only my mother’s life, but that would restore the hope I had in the system meant to protect my parent’s well-being.

This godsent referral connected me with an organization called OurSeniors, which helped me and my mom in so many ways. I had no idea they were going to be such a blessing until it happened but now that I think about all the good things this group has done for us, it’s hard not to thank them or at least try.
First, the OurSeniors Team put me in contact with a law firm called Chiumento, Dwyer, Hertel, and Grant to prepare documents and help get emergency guardianship for my mother.

They later assigned an attorney who could assist us when we needed it most!
Next, I looked into how mom was doing. Her treatment and medical well-being were all that mattered to me but not at all to the facility she lived in. This should have been a huge red flag for me and it should for you as well, as it could indicate there might be an issue with your parents, a significant other, or sibling, etc.

It’s important to know what your loved ones are going through because in my case, I discovered things were going very badly. Mom only wanted to go into this specific assisted living facility because my grandparents were already there and being near family was important to her. I, unfortunately, later found out that the place has changed ownership and therefore no longer fits its description as “Not For Profit.”

The OurSeniors Team went with me and I was extremely glad they did. The visit to my parents’ home made me emotional about what we saw, but it would have been a much more difficult experience without their supportive guidance through this process.

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When I discovered my mother was not getting the care she needed and deserved, it was only a matter of time before I knew I needed to move her. I didn’t live in the area so I had no idea where to start so my mother wouldn’t have to endure these issues again. The OurSeniors Team knew exactly what to do. They helped me take the first step and started to research different facilities that would be able to properly care for my mom. Keep in mind, she can’t walk, talk or lift a finger at all. Simply putting it, she needs help with everything.

All I wanted was to find a place that would take care of my mother and not just drug her and consider that as proper care. The OurSeniors Team located several places that could be a match for her needs. We screened them and they were able to find the perfect one for mom; out in the country, quiet and peaceful nurses who knew how to treat a patient like her.

The OurSeniors team is the best! The team was so kind, helpful, and had a genuine interest in what my mother needed. They even brought me out to review the facility myself, and after they accepted mom I knew she was in good hands.

Mom is now in the right place and I truly owe that to OurSeniors, and a man by the name of Julian Cantillo. He honestly should be nominated for sainthood; but if I cannot do that, I can at least let anyone who needs help or guidance for their loved ones know that Julian and the OurSeniors team are the experts that will make a difference for you and your family.

Recently, Ms. Carol went to be with Our Lord. Love you, Mom.