Restoring America–How Can we Help?

Restoring America

Respite Care & Assisted Living FLEven though businesses are reopening in Florida and the economy seems like it’s going to get back to normal, that couldn’t be further from the truth. People are scared to leave their homes and spend any money, and rightfully so. Things are still very uncertain. We definitely need to stay cautious, wear protective gear in public and physically distance from other people, but does this mean we need to distance ourselves from everything in life? No. Socially distancing is meant to keep people away from each other, but it shouldn’t keep us away from helping our local economy.

If you have a family-owned food market nearby, try stopping there instead of going to a large chain store each time you get groceries. Order takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurant. If you’d like to give your home some love, try a local Ace Hardware (which is a franchise owned by someone in your community) or a home boutique shop. If you haven’t been to your dentist, optician, ENT, cardiologist or other specialist, pay them a visit when you can with the right protective gear. If you haven’t talked to your lawyer in a while, talk to them about steps you can take to plan your estate or any other concerns you have regarding your assets. There are plenty of ways to help your local economy without risking your health. Lots of doctors and other practitioners are practicing through telework, making it easier than ever for you to talk to them.

As long as we think of this as a way to help our community, the economy should be back in no time. It’s up to us to help move it along so younger generations can have a chance to work and feed their families. If you’re unsure of how to help, you can contact a friend, family member or local business owner and ask what their needs are and see what you can do. Your business can have a lasting positive effect on your local economy!

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