How to Travel Anywhere without Airport and Hotel Hassles

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Are you dreaming of going on vacation and hiking in the mountains? Or relaxing on a golden-sand beach for a week? There are so many beautiful places in the United States that are within reach. International travel is not the best idea while we are dealing with a pandemic, but a secluded spot near a hiking trail or a campground by the beach is just what the doctor ordered. You may be asking, “That sounds fun, but how do I do that?” Our answer: renting or owning an RV!
Before you stop reading because you think an RV is not for you, we want to show you all the options and solutions for any doubt you may have. All you need to do is come up with a list of the comforts you do not want to do without like a queen size bed, a living room area, a washer/dryer, a dishwasher and then come up with how often you would like to use it. The folks at Giant Recreation World can look at all your nonnegotiable needs for an RV and recommend the right one for you and your lifestyle. At this point, you may be interested in getting an RV but have no idea where you want to go. To help you dream a bit, here are a few places with campgrounds that are popular with RV owners.
America’s National Parks
Bryce National Park
Like a scene out of a movie, Bryce National Park is an out-of-this-world experience. There is nothing like it anywhere else, which makes it a great spot to visit. There are plenty of campgrounds and helpful guide maps to make the most of a visit.
Grand Canyon National Park
Created by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is a must-see for all Americans. It is a great learning experience on geology and history while providing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. There are plenty of campsites around the park to suit any need.
Redwood National Park
There is a good reason why the Redwood Forest is mentioned in “This Land is Your Land.” The park is home to the tallest trees on earth and they are a beautiful sight to see. This is an ideal place for campers with dozens of sites established around the park.
Yellowstone National Park
Some of the only geysers in the world are located at Yellowstone National Park. The park has the best wildlife in the country with the opportunity to see hundreds of bison roaming, eagles soaring above and bears or wolves if accompanied by a knowledgeable park ranger.
Yosemite National Park
Camping season goes from April to September in Yosemite with ideal weather perfect for hiking along trails and experiencing some of the most beautiful scenery.
RV Parks
Big Hole River RV Park Montana is a top spot for campers with its hiking trails, fishing and biking routes to entertain for weeks. RV’ing is a popular activity as many areas are strictly designated for them where people can drive off and view wildlife.
Crossings Winery and RV Park
Your first thought when thinking of camping may not be wine, but this park located near the Oregon Trail puts wine tasting and history together for a great time.
Emerald Coast RV Beach
For an extended stay by the beach, this Panama City RV park is the ideal spot with many amenities for campers such as free coffee, a buffet breakfast on weekends and much more.
Edgewater Lodge RV Resort
One of the best RV parks in Alaska, Edgewater Lodge RV Resort is near some of the best salmon fishing and close to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge with some of the best wildlife watching.
Lake George RV Park
Families love this park for its plethora of activities for kids and adults as well as its proximity to shops and restaurants. The park has live entertainment and movie theaters for modern entertainment along with outdoor fun for the perfect mix of both.
No matter where you choose to go, you can feel safe knowing that your RV has a lifetime warranty and emergency service offered at any one of the 110+ nationwide service centers. If you want to connect with other RV owners, the membership at Giant Recreation World provides lots of benefits such as hosted weekend campouts, week-long specialty trips, organized activities for all ages and 15% off in-stock parts and accessories, as well as 20% off service labor.
Interested in learning more? Call a Giant Recreation World location near you, starting at Destination Daytona 386-200-9601, Winter Garden at 407-794-9116, or Palm Bay at 321-616-8204.

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