We Could See the Best Fall Housing Market in the Past 10 Years

senior couple selling their houseOne of the keys to a successful senior life transition is to make intelligent decisions about real estate. Finding Assisted Living and FindingAssistedLiving.com want to help you or your senior loved one make the best choice for your personal situation. Our network of professionals in law, medicine, real estate and other fields can give you impartial, professional advice. Read on to learn about the dynamic real estate market in the Palm Coast area of Volusia.

Summer Home-Buying Season

As we reach the end of our record Summer Home-Buying Season, indicators are pointing to one of the hottest fall seasons in a decade. Records show homes for sale in September were moving 4% quicker than last year’s as prices are continuing to hit new highs. Inventories are lower than a year ago and fewer new listings are coming on board during the past few months – which starts to “fringe” on a supply and demand situation.

Although those buyers got locked out of the summer because of vast competition, they may find this fall is still presenting a decent inventory with mortgage rates still near all-time lows. But anyone shopping for “bargains” will find that prices have not come down from the summer’s record high prices. As we enter the traditionally slower sales season, the built-up demand continues to be steady as buyers are racing to get a home under contract while mortgage rates remain low.

So whether you are a seller or buyer, the time is great for either side to achieve their dreams. If you are looking to downsize, sell while prices are high and look into other forms of housing (Retirement homes, Assisted Living, etc) and enjoy life – or if you’re looking to buy, check into the market and buy while mortgage rates are low making your monthly outlay reasonable and affordable.

Buy or Sell Real Estate in Palm Coast

Working with an expert in real estate will make the task of buying or selling a home much easier. Barbara Andersen, Broker/Associate, at Charles Umpenhour Inc. Real Estate in Palm Coast can help you buy or sell in this highly competitive market. With over 30 years of professional and real estate experience, Barbara has the professional knowledge and personal talent to serve all of your real estate requirements. Barbara is a “people person” who matches a home to the people she serves.

Selling your home and moving to an assisted living facility, a senior community or other senior lifestyle may be a wise move. Still, this transition is complex and can be emotionally difficult. There are dozens of decisions, choices and challenges to be faced. Finding Assisted Living and FindingAssistedLiving.com can make this transition safe and satisfying. Finding Assisted Living is a source for accurate, unbiased advice on every aspect of senior life transition. Contact us today by clicking here or by calling 866-333-2657.


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