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To many seniors and their families, there is no subject of greater importance than finding quality in-home care or assistance for seniors who want to remain “home instead” of choosing an assisted living option. We know that most seniors prefer to spend their retirement years in their own homes, living independently for as long as it is a safe choice.  A senior’s emotional, mental and physical health may well depend on this option remaining open.
Most seniors (nearly 90 percent according to the AARP) prefer to age in their own home. Doing so allows them to remain in familiar surroundings, and it is often more affordable than senior assisted living in a care facility. Good senior home care and in-home senior care or assistance can make this ‘age in place’ option a workable choice.  But think ahead for a few minutes.
Will the home need to be modified in some way to accommodate this plan? Are there stairs or other obstacles? How can they be dealt with? It may be that the changes required are so great that they are not practical. If this is the case, consider an alternative home nearby, one that maintains connections with long-time neighbors and friends. In any case, you must remember to think ahead and try to anticipate all the obstacles and the costs involved in remaining home. Have you thought about roofing, painting, general maintenance, taxes, transportation, utilities and numerous other aspects of home ownership?  You may not have given this  much thought when you were young and healthy, but how long will you be up to the challenge of maintaining a home and house?
Remaining home can also work a hardship on family members. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2008 there were more than 34 million unpaid caregivers in the United States. This figure has surely grown since 2008. Unpaid caregivers provided an estimated 90% of the in-home care services, the majority coming from family members. The typical home care provider is a woman in her mid-40’s who is giving 20 or more hours of attention per week, usually to a parent.
Everyone hopes to be lucky enough to avoid these circumstances, but the chances are that most people will either need care or be a caregiver sometime in their lives. Planning for this possibility will make the situation easier for both the senior and the caregiver. If outside help is needed, the Directory of Approved Vendors can help to locate home maintenance and others who can assist you.
Plan Life Care in Daytona Beach can provide the services and the people to make it possible for you or your loved one to remain at home. They are a full-service home health care organization giving proficient, affordable, and caring in home living help for seniors in all of Volusia and Flagler Counties. Please take a look at Plan Life Care on the website. Plan Life’s owner, Mr. Anthony Ford may be reached at 386-267-6898.
The challenge of finding dependable, affordable senior home care is a major concern to seniors, their families and to us at the Family. One important member of that family is the Brunch and Learn Program we have sponsored for some time now. Brunch and Learn has been a great success, bringing together seniors, their friends and informative, knowledgeable authorities. We have covered topics like wills and estates, senior dental health, Medicare plans and getting extra help with prescription drug costs.
The April Brunch and Learn event will be on the 19th and feature Mr. Anthony Ford of the Plan Life Care organization mentioned above. He will be discussing “Home Adaptation,” how to make your loved one’s home suitable to the needs of a senior who wishes to remain at home. All of the Brunch and Learn Events in the Volusia-Flagler area are on the third Friday of the month. They run from 10 A.M. to Noon, hosted by D.B. Pickles Restaurant (click for map directions) in Ormond Beach. You can make your reservation by calling at 386-259-6722 or Brunch and Learn Events.

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