Senior Summer Skincare

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A One Family PracticeWow! Is it me or is it hot out here? These past few weeks in Florida were blistering hot! You might be thinking, “Well, it is Florida; it’s supposed to be hot.” Correct, but our sunny state has shattered summer temperature records this month already, and it’s only been summer for two days. This summer, taking care of your skin is brutally essential. Ultraviolet rays that cause cancer and damage the skin are proving to be unforgiving. Developing a skincare routine that protects and nourishes skin is the best way to lower the risks of a severe skin injury, not to mention sunburns!
Below are a few tips recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology on how to protect yourself this summer:

  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Make sure you drink plenty of water. It supports the major systems in your body.
  • Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, water-resistant that is SPF 30 or higher every single day. Make sure to apply it to hard to reach areas.
  • Use protective gear like sunglasses, sunshade films for your car, and hats.
  • Wear clothing that protects you from the sun (to test this out hold the article of clothing towards the sun and if no light shines through it is protective.)
  • Avoid going outside during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Seek shade when outside—avoid direct sunlight, sunscreen cannot fully protect you.
  • Please consult your doctor about any medication you are on and how it affects your skin.

As we age, our skin changes, so it is up to us to be proactive and stay healthy. Follow the tips above to get your summer skincare routine started and make sure you consult a doctor to help you along your journey. If you are searching for a new primary care physician or have been thinking of switching practices, contact A One Family Practice. Our approved vendor, A One Family Practice, is the perfect place for your summer healthcare needs. Their team of experts will make sure you and your loved ones are Summer safe and ready.
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