Seniors Vs Crime: A special project of the Florida Attorney General

Seniors Vs Crime a special project of the Florida Attorney General Slider

Have you ever been the victim of a crime or scam? For many seniors, the answer is, “Yes, I have!” There are several reasons that seniors are more likely than younger adults to be targeted for scams. Criminals think (sometimes correctly) that seniors are less tech-savvy and more susceptible than younger people. Scammers exploit these vulnerabilities, and they use tricks such as impersonating government officials or creating a sense of urgency to cheat seniors. They also think that seniors are less likely to report being cheated, or to try to recover damages.

Florida is the most senior-friendly state in the nation. Unfortunately, this means that it is also a prime target for unscrupulous scammers. These schemes include various financial crimes that target seniors’ identity, money, or property. They may operate via telephone, internet, mail, or even personal contact, and they cost Florida seniors millions of dollars each year.

Now, Florida seniors and the state’s Office of Attorney General are fighting back. Seniors Vs Crime is a special project of the Florida Attorney General. It began as a crime prevention program, using senior volunteers to educate peers and to encourage fellow seniors to become actively involved in their own protection. From its start in 1989, the project has now grown into a statewide organization that not only educates, but also provides direct aid to senior victims. This organization has become one of the most successful volunteer programs in the nation devoted to assisting and protecting our seniors.

The Seniors Vs Crime Project strives to reduce the victimization of senior citizens who are targeted for specific crimes or scams based on their age. The Project focuses on three objectives: education, investigation, and volunteer opportunities.

Through its Speakers Bureau, the Seniors Vs Crime Project (SVCP) educates seniors on how to avoid becoming a victim. Speakers are experienced and knowledgeable volunteers who talk about scam methods, especially the most current scams, and how seniors might be vulnerable. This educational service is available free of charge to any organization or group who wishes to educate their members.

The SVCP actively comes to the aid of seniors and others who believe they have been victimized by scammers and fraudsters. The program was formed in 1989 by the Florida legislature and serves Floridians in all 67 counties. Seniors vs Crime trains volunteer “Investigative Sleuths” to work shoulder-to-shoulder with potential scam victims. These volunteers are civilians, not police, although many have law enforcement experience. They are trained in fraud investigative techniques, and they conduct their investigations via telephone from SVCP offices.


The Seniors vs Crime Program will come to the aid of senior fraud victims, helping them to establish the facts and to initiate recovery action. The program serves Floridians in all 67 counties. The Project investigates complaints and seeks restitution for seniors in appropriate instances, free of charge. All monies recovered go to the complainant. Each year, it handles thousands of cases, and it has recovered over 16 million dollars plus over 12 million in realized gain for Florida seniors.

Senior fraud victims may request the aid of one of the Project’s “Senior Sleuths.” This trained volunteer will assist in doing everything possible to reach a settlement without cost to the senior.” Senior Sleuths” are successful in a high percentage of cases. To learn more, click on Seniors vs Crime Project or phone 1-800-203-3099.

OurSeniors Radio will broadcast two informative shows featuring Mr. Anthony J. Luizzo, who will discuss senior victimization and how the SVCP can help to prevent or correct it. Mr. Luizzo, a past president of the Society of Professional Investigators, will discuss common scams that victimize seniors. What do you know about Phishing, the Pigeon Drop Scam, Charity Scams, the Grandparents Scam or Romance Scams? Right now, Investment Scams that promise easy profits may be the most common schemes, but criminals are always devising new ways to defraud their victims. These cruel frauds cheat thousands of Florida seniors out of millions of dollars each year.

These informative programs will be presented on one of OurSeniors Radio program. Be sure to tune in each Saturday at 8:00 AM on radio station WNDB, 93.5 FM and AM 1150. Recorded podcast versions will be available on OurSeniors Radio, Youtube, Spotify, Apple, and other podcasting platforms.

Thanks for reading this article, have a great day and do not fall victim to senior fraud.