Spring 2024 – MetroHealth Mobile Clinic Press Release

Senior Online Magazine MetroHealth Mobile Clinic Press Release

MetroHealth, an OurSeniors.Net partner, is committed to making high-quality primary care accessible to the senior community. Accessibility is an important issue in providing senior healthcare. For many seniors, lack of mobility is a roadblock that prevents them from getting prompt, effective medical care.
MetroHealth has invested in a unique solution to this common problem. The MetroHealth Mobile Clinics literally a clinic on wheels, a primary care office for seniors that comes to you. Whether a senior needs bloodwork, X-rays, referrals, or personalized care, the Mobile Clinic will be there to serve.
Senior health and well-being are Metro’s priorities. The professionals at MetroHealth look forward to traveling to your community in the Mobile Clinic to provide seniors with the best care possible.

the MetroHealth Mobile Clinic, is a fully equipped medical office that comes to seniors, so that they will not be hampered by lack of mobility. The physicians and other professionals who will operate the Mobile Clinic are senior care specialists, including the chief officer of MetroHealth, Dr. Stephen Quaning, MD. As a geriatric physician, he understands that compassion and empathy are as important as technical skill in senior care.
The Mobile Care Clinic will reflect that doctrine. Starting with easy entrance and wheelchair access for seniors, a courteous reception and greeting, seniors will find themselves welcome in this practice. It will not be necessary to travel to numerous locations for lab tests, x-rays, or other routine medical procedures.

Obviously, the Mobile Care Clinic represents a major investment by MetroHealth. The medical equipment alone is a large investment, and the clinic has a self-contained examining room. MetroHealth is making this investment because it sees a need for this go-to-the-patient approach. Like OurSeniors.Net, MetroHealth’s vision is to serve the needs of seniors.

MetroHealth welcomes “get-to-know-us” visits before committing to becoming a patient. This includes the Mobile Clinic if it is in a convenient location.
The Mobile Clinic has already had a few appearances at various locations in Central Florida. In the future MetroHealth plans to deploy the Mobile Clinic in locations where there are concentrations of seniors. This may include assisted living facilities, retirement villages, or 55+ communities.

If you are a senior and a Medicare patient, or if you are involved in coordinating patient care, please contact MetroHealth and yes you can schedule a tour by calling in Orange County: (407) 326-2071 | Volusia County: (386) 467-4430.