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Read our articles by elder law attorney Wendy Mara. Explore topics such as estate planning, long-term care, and guardianship. Gain valuable insights and resources to navigate elder law with confidence.

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Some people are lucky enough to have a lawyer in their family that provides free advice on different family matters. As we get older, having a lawyer we can trust is important because issues come up that require an expert whether it be estate planning, family law or guardianship. Our friend and Approved Vendor, Wendy […]

You Can Take Care of Your Family and Your Assets with One Simple Thing


It’s never a good time to think about setting up a will, but it’s always a bad time when families have to go to court to decide where your belongings should go once you’re gone. Wendy Mara can help put you and your family at ease. She has been an elder and family law specialist […]

Looking for a Lawyer?

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Are you looking for a lawyer that will represent you with great attention and care? Someone who will understand your needs and listen to you with intent? Our Approved Vendor, Wendy Mara Law, is the ideal law practice to call because they have more than 10 years of serving seniors and families in the areas […]

What is Asset Protection?

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Do you own property or a valuable collection of antiques? If so, then you own an asset. According to Investopedia, an asset is a resource with economic value owned by an individual, corporation, or country that is expected to provide a benefit in the future. Assets can generate cash flow, reduce expenses, and increase the […]

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OurSeniors.NET continues to grow and branch out into new and exciting areas. In October, the first edition of our printed publication, OurSeniors.NET Magazine, will be available at locations throughout Volusia and Flagler counties. You can view an online preview of the magazine by clicking OurSeniors.NET Magazine. Of course all future editions of OurSeniors.NET Magazine will […]