Take A Tour of the New OurSeniors.net Website

OURSENIORS.NET gives you up to date information in its senior living magazine.The new OurSeniors.net website is filled with useful, entertaining, informative material for seniors and for the people who love and care for them. The website is a complete directory of resources for seniors, help and unbiased information about local providers of senior home care, senior assisted living and in-home senior care.  In the Volusia-Flagler area and throughout Florida, the OurSeniors.net website will become a go-to resource for seniors and their loved ones. Take a moment right now to tour this valuable resource.
Starting at the OurSeniors.net HOME PAGE, clicking on the SERVICES tab will open an extensive seniors directory of the OurSeniors.net featured providers. Using the links on the SERVICES page, you can conduct a Florida attorney search, look for a Florida CPA or a senior real estate specialist.  If you are searching for retirement communities in Florida or 55+ communities in Florida, the OurSeniors.net website is an essential resource. The SERVICES page can direct you to active senior communities and Medicare assisted living facilities in Florida, as well as local and state wide in-home senior care providers.
Let’s now click on the MAGAZINE tab. A special bonus is a sneak peak at the senior living magazine coming soon from OurSeniors.net. Starting in October, OurSeniors.net Magazine will be distributed free to locations throughout the Volusia and Flagler area. OurSeniors.net Magazine will be a high-quality printed publication with useful, engaging articles and invaluable information about subjects vital to seniors, their families and loved ones.
OurSeniors.net Magazine - HTMLToggle on down to the OurSeniors.net Magazine preview window.  The magazine is contained in a window that looks like a video screen.
In the lower right corner, you will see a double headed arrow (OurSeniors.net Magazine - full screen). By clicking that double headed arrow, you can expand the window to full-screen and read a preview of the OurSeniors.net Magazine, a printed senior living magazine coming in October to a location near you in the Volusia-Flagler area. Like the website, the printed magazine will feature interesting articles and useful information about senior home care, senior assisted living, retirement communities in Florida, active senior communities and many other topics of special interest to our seniors.
Take a few minutes to browse the magazine and then click on the ABOUT tab. This will take you to a section that contains information about OurSeniors.net. You can read press releases, find out about OurSeniors.net MEDIA, read the OurSeniors.net NEWSLETTER or find out about coming EVENTS. All of these links will lead you to information and resources for finding memory care living, financial advice for seniors, retirement communities in Florida and other topics you would expect to find in a directory for seniors.
Next is the PRO TEAM tab. Clicking this link will introduce you to the Senior Transition Pro Team, a network of talented and knowledgeable professionals from many fields. The Pro Team can help you if you are searching for Florida attorneys, a senior real estate specialist, a Florida CPA, financial advice for seniors, or for retirement communities in Florida.
Clicking the DIRECTORY tab will direct you to a wealth of resources and information about all-things-senior. Whether you are seeking information for yourself or for a senior loved one, the OurSeniors.net resource directory can help you find accurate, timely and unbiased information and guidance on subjects like-

  • Senior home care
  • Senior assisted living
  • Active senior communities
  • Medicare assisted living
  • 55+ communities in Florida

The OurSeniors.net DIRECTORY is a complete directory for seniors to assist in locating the resources, facilities, and services you need.
The BLOG tab will take you to current and past articles of special interest to seniors. Each month there will be one or two new articles about topics that are important to seniors and their families: senior home care, senior assisted living, in-home senior care, retirement communities in Florida, and active senior communities are just some of the important subjects covered.
Finally, the CONTACT tab will give you the information you need to get in touch with OurSeniors.net. The process is simple and you can use our toll-free number, 866-333-2657, or send your information via email in the form provided. That ends your tour, so browse through the entire website and then contact the OurSeniors.net staff or any of the professionals or businesses in our directories.
Enjoy the OurSeniors.net website and have a great day!

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