Ideas for vacationing while the weather is nice

couple beach 800

couple beach 800
The weather in Florida right now can’t be beaten. Our northern neighbors have been envying us all winter, but it will soon get hot again and unbearable to be outside. That’s why we think now is a great time to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer and take a small vacation.
As Floridians, we have lots of travel options to choose from between beachside hotels and Disney World to golf retreats and more. With the help of our Approved Vendors, we have a few ideas up our sleeves.
Go anywhere with Giant Recreation World
RV travel exploded this year as people wanted the freedom to travel without worrying about flights and hotels. You can go from sleeping by a lake one day to waking up at a beach town the next. Even just within Florida, there are so many options depending on your interests. The Florida Keys are an ideal destination this time of year and most beach towns have RV parks nearby.
Interested in more information? Call Giant Recreation World at 407-794-9116 or check them out here.
Relax in Daytona at Sun Viking Lodge
If traveling by RV seems too stressful, we recommend visiting our friends at Sun Viking Lodge. The hotel has taken enhanced safety protocols to make you and your loved ones feel safe. They have plenty of activities for small or large groups to have fun all weekend long. The 60-foot waterslide will keep the kids entertained while the oceanfront hot tub is where the adults love to hang out.
Learn more about the Sun Viking Lodge on our profile at Sun Viking Lodge or call 866-417-3676.

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