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How long has it been since you went to a movie that made a lasting impression on you? Right now, there is one in theatres that will cause you to shudder, to feel anger and to really sympathize with the victims portrayed.

This movie, “Sound of Freedom.” addresses a very distressing problem, one that many of us would rather not know about. The abuse of children for any reason makes most people uncomfortable, but the sexual abuse of a young child is truly disgusting. It is difficult to think about this, but the truth is that human trafficking, including trading in young children, is real and not uncommon. It goes on around the world, including here in the United States.

On its face, “Sound of Freedom” might be viewed as simply a good-guy verses bad-guy action movie. It tells the story of Tim Ballard, an American anti-human trafficking activist. In real life, Mr. Ballard is a former special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security who quit his job to devote himself to fighting human trafficking, especially child trafficking. Team can guarantee that you will be affected by this film.

Made on a relatively low budget by independent producers, it went more than three years after completion without being released in theatres. Major studios and film distributers ignored the film, thinking that it would be a market “flop.” They were wrong! After the distribution rights were acquired by Angel Studios, the film was released in American theatres and to date has grossed over 130 million dollars. It has been viewed by more people than the latest “Mission Impossible” sequel.

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The acting and production values are first class, and the dialog is well written and convincing. The cinematography is excellent; scenes shot in the wilderness of a Columbian jungle or inside a government office are professional and convincing. Many movies of this type are hackneyed attempts at exploiting a sensational subject. “Sound of Freedom” is not. A few minutes into this story you will be gripped by the thought of how evil the exploitation of children really is. Imagine the terror felt by a young boy and his sister as they are kidnapped by child traffickers, taken far from home, and forced into child prostitution.

Mind you, these victims are not even adolescents, they are kindergarten or elementary age children forced into child prostitution by evil adults. The scenes of child abuse are handled well by the producers- they never become graphic, but they will fill you with the terror and revulsion that these innocent children must feel. It is hard to believe that any adult would engage in or profit from this criminal activity, but apparently there is no shortage of such people.

As competent as the movie’s adult actors and production people are, the real stars in “Sound of Freedom” are the young boy and girl who play the part of kidnapped siblings. They are outstanding actors who will quickly earn your sympathy, hoping for their eventual rescue. The story has many twists and turns and is not always encouraging, but it will command your attention and you will not forget this subject.

Angel Studios deserves credit for having faith in this previously hidden gem. They picked it up when major movie distributors would not, and they have been well rewarded. At 130 million dollars + and climbing it has done extremely well.

You can get more information about the film at This site has a link that will tell you where Sound of Freedom is playing near you, and you may even purchase tickets directly on the web. The “Sound of Freedom” trailer on the site will give you some idea of what to expect when you see this movie. is happy to bring you news you can use and helpful information. We believe that seniors will find this movie entertaining and informative. Perhaps it will motivate some seniors to get involved in fighting this unspeakable evil. Please follow us for senior housing news, living in Florida articles, senior living resources and all-things-senior topics.