In Florida, we have three seasons, Spring, Summer, and Hurricane Season! Every Floridian knows that hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with, but by preparing our community can weather any storm. This year’s hurricane season will begin on Monday, June 1, which is less than two months away! Now is the time to prep and take the necessary steps to protect your home. If you have trees on or near your property, checking them now will potentially save you hundreds of dollars in damage.

Here are a few tree tips to help you prepare your property:

  • Check your trees for any rotting branches or roots
  • Get rid of any pruned branches that can become projectiles
  • Try to prune trees before a storm
  • Stake newly planted trees
  • Remove coconuts or palm seeds from your palm trees

T&D Tree Service

If you live near or around the Ormond Beach area and have any trees that appear to be rotting, call T&D Tree Service to have them removed. T&D Tree Service offers tree trimming, removals, and hazardous tree assessment; they are also part of our team of Approved Vendors! By consulting a specialist, you can avoid catastrophic damage to your home. If you feel doubts about the condition of the trees around your house, now is the time to evaluate them. Do not wait until a warning is issued, and we are well into hurricane season to have them maintained. Act now while you have time!

To contact T&D Tree Service, call 386-204-4500 or email TDSTree@gmail.com and let them know you are part of our community!

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