What to know about the Delta Variant

delta variant 800 1

delta variant 800 1
Just as the U.S. was beginning to recover from the pandemic and vaccinations reached all-time highs, the new Delta variant started to hit hard, especially Florida. There is a good amount of misinformation out there and what we are seeing in the news is different than what our nurse and doctor friends and family members are telling us is happening.
The truth is this new variant affects people in different ways. Children are getting sick and the vaccinated are getting sick. It spreads much faster than the previous virus. All of this new information mixed with the old information that we have learned is becoming more and more confusing.
Do we have to wear masks again?
Do we need to stockpile hand sanitizer again?
Will there be a booster shot?
There are lots of questions we are having at the moment. Of course, we always recommend looking to the CDC for any new guidelines in your state as well as your local government for new mandates. We do think it’s wise to stay cautious.
While you should not quarantine yourself again in your home as an unnecessary precaution, we do think it’s important to rethink a few things. Try to spend more time doing outdoor activities, be diligent about hygiene, try to maintain a proper distance from others in stores and restaurants, and remember not to panic.