Tips for avoiding heat exhaustion and how to know if you have it

senior heat exhaustion

It’s summertime, so we all know what that means: extreme heat.
While living in Florida has its perks like year-round warm weather and beautiful beaches, the downside is the high temperatures that come with it.
Seeing 100+ degrees on our car dashboard is nothing unusual for us Floridians but even though we have lived through it for many years, that doesn’t mean it’s not harmful.
During the warmer months, remember to always:

  1. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing
  2. Stay in shaded areas
  3. Avoid strenuous activities
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Stay inside between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If you begin to feel symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, heavy sweating, nausea, or cold skin with goosebumps, it’s important to go into an air-conditioned place and drink liquids with electrolytes. Should the symptoms persist after an hour, it may be time to seek medical attention.

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