Many of us are afraid of calling the ambulance or going to the emergency room due to high costs and being unsure of whether the symptoms we are experiencing are actually an emergency. Shortness of breath, tightening of the chest and other issues are cause for concern, but sometimes they are not worth the headache of going to the ER.

Dispatch Health is a medical service that comes to your home and treats symptoms like pneumonia, COVID-19 symptoms, urinary tract infections and other uncomfortable ailments. When you experience non-life-threatening symptoms like these, you can simply call them and two medical professionals will arrive within a few hours to treat the issue from the privacy of your home. Once they are done, they call in any necessary prescriptions, update your doctor with what happening and handle the billing to your insurance company. Even better, they accept Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Out of pocket costs are just around $5-$28.

A service like this means no more costly ER bills or sitting in a waiting room to be seen. They are currently located in Tampa and soon coming to Orlando, Miami and Daytona Beach.

For more information, visit or call 386-258-8680.