How to keep your body from looking like a question mark

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| Written by Fitworks Perfect Posture |
Do you “people watch”?
It is human nature to look around and see who and what are in your surroundings. Comparing, noticing, contemplating the data before you, wondering where you fit in; what might have happened to cause that; what can I do to look like that?
Some people look straight as an arrow; tall, confident, intelligent.
The “Exclamations” in the world wake up feeling great; they are ready to face the day. Their health is excellent, and they keep an active lifestyle. These types of people are more likely to use food as their medicine and keep a more natural or holistic outlook on their health. They also realized at some point that they must exercise specific muscles to balance their body and then stretch daily for long-term muscle and overall health.
People who stand tall and straight are sending messages to their brain telling them they are confident, they are successful, they are intelligent. The position of your body causes you to release hormones that send messages to your brain, your psyche. What is going on outside creates what is going on inside and what is going on inside is creating what is going on outside. Think about that!
All the nerves and blood vessels are working 100% because all the joints are in their proper place. The organs of their body are all free to function without any restrictions.
With over 21 years of experience and success under our belts, we have discovered that muscle has no concept of age. Your organs may begin to “wear out” and your skin may sag but your muscles just keep on going like they are still 21 years old. No matter how old our clients have been, their muscles have all reacted the same.
Think about it; what does everyone believe the symptoms of old age are? Body pain, stiffness, loss of agility, frailty. But what is happening? Muscles have been neglected for a lifetime. Not old age, but an oversight.
You have a skincare routine, you take a walk every day, you shower and comb your hair, but you don’t take care of your muscles. Why is that? You don’t buy a car and never rotate or balance the tires, do you? You must keep up with the maintenance of your car to keep it driving smoothly and safely.
Why don’t you balance your body and keep up with your daily maintenance so you will get to truly enjoy your golden years?
Some people look like a question mark; curved over, frail, uncertain.
The “Question Marks” in the world either gave up or just didn’t know better. Most did not know better and then gave up thinking it is simply a part of growing old. There are a lot of combinations going on here. These folks started hurting and moving around became more and more difficult, so they chose to sit still. Sitting causes certain muscles in your body to tighten up. When they become tight, you can no longer stand up straight. Since their head weighs 12 pounds and is now farther out from the center of their body, their upper back begins to curve outward, pushing the ribs down; crushing the chest along with the lungs, stomach, and other internal organs.
Once the joints are out of proper alignment, nerves and blood flow become restricted. Organs that can no longer receive the proper messages or blood flow begin to slow down or stop functioning properly.  Doctors put you on medications to help you and then you get side effects which you need to take other medications for and soon you are taking a dozen prescription drugs.
It is time to go back to basics; back to the natural. The body was designed to heal itself when in a state of ease.
Let us help you put your body back into a state of ease. We are offering you a free evaluation and you do not even have to get in your car and drive to get to your appointment! We will email you a link and all you must do is click on that link and your computer will whisk you off to our virtual office! Every appointment is private and personalized to your specific issues.
When the world is full of question marks, be an exclamation! Let Fitworks Perfect Posture® Natural Pain Solutions help you on your journey back to health.